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James Bond Poll 2003-01-27
We've all had discussions like "Oh Moore is the best! No Connery is! Goldfinger is the best...
Time Travel Vehicle 2003-01-27
Let's say You are choosen in a Time traveling Project. If you could choose a Vehicle, what would ...
Battle of the..uhh... LotR! 2003-01-27
Which is better? Tolkien's boks or Jacksons movies?
Lord of the Rings 2003-01-22
If u like LOTR u'll love this
John Williams' Movie Themes 2003-01-21
This poll is to find out what theme song is the most recognizable.
superhero movies 2003-01-15
which is the best superhero movie?
best stoner movie 2003-01-15
which is the best stoner movie ever made?
action star 2003-01-15
who is the best action movie star?
mafia movies 2003-01-15
ULTIMATE movie character quiz part 2 2003-01-15
more random films
tarantino 2003-01-15
best quentin tarantino movie?
best new horror 2003-01-15
what is the best horror movie of recent times?
Directors and their movies 2003-01-15
Blockbuster Movie Awards 2003-01-15
Movies that made the big bucks this year! Vote for your favorite in each category!
Elijah Wood vs Orlando Bloom 2003-01-14
Which 1?
Is Sam Gamgee Gay? 2003-01-14
I think that Sam and Frodo definatly had a thing, how about you?? ( This is just an opinion-pleas...
Kevin Smith Films 2003-01-14
questions about the best comedy films ever
Friday The 13th 2003-01-14
Vote on your favorite firday the 13th movie.
Lord Of The Rings Vs Harry Potter 2003-01-14
So far, with both Movies releasing 2 parts, which has proven to be better? Lord Of The Rings, Or ...
Best Films Of The 90's (Top 40) 2003-01-11
We have finally found our top 40 films of the 90's. It's been a very long journey to get to this ...
HORROR AWARDS 2003-01-10
In my opinion, the best in horror/thrillers of 2002! All the movies with an asterisk (*) are my p...
Superhero Movies 2003-01-05
Movies about Superheroes & Superheroines generate much interest. Who would you like to see on...
Speakers or Earphones? 2003-01-03
My father believes that it is better for me to use earphones to listen to movies, while I believe...
ULTIMATE movie character quiz 2003-01-03
every movie that i think is worth watching.
Grade Star Trek: NEMESIS 2003-01-03
Grade "Nemesis"...