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X3 next mutants 2003-06-06
I dont know if this poll has been done yet,but which Mutant would you want to see most in X3.?
New Drizzt Do'urden movie casting call 2003-06-06
There is already a poll concerning the cast choices for a hopefully future movie based on the adv...
Coolest Movie of 2003 2003-06-06
What is the coolest movie to come out in 2003?
Lord of the Rings Favorites 2003-06-06
Yes, there are more than enough Lord of the Rings polls out there. But this is a nice long one, a...
The Greatest Film: Semi-Finals 2003-06-05
Here we are! Four films remain in each genre category. Vote for the one you think is the best! ...
Battle #6 2003-06-05
What do you like best in "Star Wars?" 2003-05-30
I am a "Star Wars" fan who would like to see what fellow Jedi enjoy most.
Gay characters in movies 2003-05-28
In many (non-porn) movies there are gay characters nowadays both in lead and supporting roles.
Star Wars vs. The Matrix vs. Harry Potter vs. LOTR 2003-05-28
This poll is to see which scifi/fantasy franchise is most popular.
The Greatest Film: Quarter-Finals 2003-05-28
Here we are! The votes have been counted, the playing field has been cleared, and these films re...
Movie and T.V cars poll 2003-05-28
What cars do you think are the top ten from movies and t.v? Choose ten.
Rate X2 2003-05-28
Finding Nemo 2003-05-27
Lord of the Rings 2003-05-23
Crack's Daily Poll 2003-05-23
This Poll Will Be About Games/Movies
Best Films Ever 2003-05-20
These are some of the films that people say are the best ever...what do you think?
Lord of the Rings 2003-05-20
Who is your favorite fellowship character.
The Greatest Film Face-Off 2003-05-20
No, I'm not saying that the movie "Face Off" is the greatest film. What I AM saying is...
Final Fantasy Spirits Within... 2003-05-20
Coolest movies.
Best X2 character 2003-05-20
Hi!im just wondering who your favourite character was in X-men 2!!
Matrix & Reloaded 2003-05-20
Everything about Matrix and Matrix:Reloaded.
Lord of the Rings v.s Starwars 2003-05-20
Who is better. Once & 4 all!
Favorite Movies 2003-05-20
Pick your favorite movies in this poll.
WaR mOvIeS 2003-05-19
find out the best war movies!
Witch Movies 2003-05-19
There has been several witch movies out there, but no specific type of witch. Which witch movie d...