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Do you like old movies? 2021-10-24
Do you like old movies?
Star Wars or Star Trek? 2021-08-06
Star Wars or Star Trek?
Star Wars Wrestling/ Fighting 2018-10-10
Could Star Wars heroines Padme, Jyn Erso, Qi'ra or Princess Leia defeat a male in a combat? None ...
Scarlett Johansson Wrestling/ Fighting 2017-09-13
Scarlett Johansson has played the role of many highly skilled fighters, but could she defeat a ma...
2017 Methane Movie Awards Special Mid-Year Poll 2017-07-12
Since we have just crossed the midpoint of the year, I have decided to make a special poll highli...
boys who take off shoes or misbehave at the movies or cinema 2017-07-05
this is a poll for boys (or fathers of boys) who like to take off their shoes and/or misbehave at...
Mixed Wrestling/ Fighting the DC Extended Universe 2017-06-17
Could the Female members of the DCEU (& other DC films) defeat a male? With Gal Godot, Margot...
2001: A Space Odyssey vs Lord of the Rings 2017-02-05
2001: A Space Odyssey vs Lord of the Rings
2017 Methane Movie Awards Final Ballot 2017-01-29 (closed)
The nominees are set. Now it's time to choose the winners. Select the ones that you think shoul...
Favorite Movie Genres for teenagers 2017-01-27
The reason why I did this poll was to find out the majority of teenagers favorite movie genres. I...
Mixed Wrestling/ Fighting the Marvel Cinematic Universe 2017-01-18
Could the Female members of the MCU (& other Marvel films) defeat a male? With Scarlett Johan...
Marvel vs. Dc 2017-01-12
Marvel vs. Dc
2017 Methane Movie Awards Nominating Ballot 2017-01-04 (closed)
The year 2016 has come to pass and now it is time to scan the film horizon for wreckage and singl...
Game of Thrones vs Lord of the Rings 2016-12-06
Game of Thrones vs Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter vs Twilight 2016-12-06
<img src=https://s18.postimg.org/hwz1j73yh/061711_potter_vs_vampire_folk_2600110617180856.jpg/...
Fantastic Beast Review Poll 2016-11-29
<img src=https://s13.postimg.org/nlhtxm01j/fantastic_beasts_review_21nov16.jpg/>
the vampire diaries vs. harry potter > the vampire diaries vs. harry potter 2016-11-23
which girl is stronger?
Which Charlie and the chocolate factory film is best? 2016-10-30
As of 2016 there are two movie adaptations of Charlie and the Chocolate factory by Roald Dahl. Th...
What Harry Potter House Do You Belong In? 2016-10-23
Gryffindor: Brave and Courageous Hufflepuff: Kind and Loyal Ravenclaw: Intelligent and Studious...
which category movie you like 2016-10-13
Picking what category movie you like better. Either comedy movies or horror movies
Do you think SUPERMAN will return in JUSTICE LEAGUE? 2016-07-24
<img src = "https://s31.postimg.org/f9bw3qs2j/justice_league.jpg">
New Random Things 4 2016-06-27
Totally Random Things
Wrestling/ Fighting Actresses as Film Characters: Alternate Reality Match Up 2016-06-26
Would popular film heroines be able to win a fight or wrestling match? Features Emma Watson, Scar...
What underwear do the men of Star Wars wear? 2016-06-16
The poll to end all polls, the greatest question to be answered within a galaxy far, far away, th...
Movie death scenes 2016-06-13
If you could write a death scene for a movie, what would it look like?