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School Discipline 2009-08-23
This poll relates to primary school(5-11) only. There will be a version for secondary school (11-...
Kids/Teens: What would you do... 2011-08-06
... if you were home alone for a week? It's in the holidays. Everyone who controls you has left f...
Raincoat discipline 2016-08-24
Raincoat discipline
Being Barefoot at a Friend's Home. 2008-11-26
When I visit a friend, his family has a rule that you must take off your shoes; therefore, I have...
I can make you pee your pants 2016-08-31
A hard poll if you really need to pee
boy in girls clothes punishment 2010-01-14
boy in girls clothes punishment
Ever been in a straitjacket? 2010-04-02
Ever been in a straitjacket?
Buttoned Up Girl 2015-07-10
Anyone have a thing for girls in fully buttoned up blouses?
Wedgie 2015-07-22
girls vs boy armwrestling 2003-10-20
A lot of grils and boys armwrestle, and you ?
Restraining kids 2014-08-13
Restraining kids
Laundromat Attire (Underwear and Nude Experiences?) 2006-07-25
I am blessed with a working washer and drier so don't have to go to the laundromat though that wi...
Giantess (Guys Only) 2009-04-09
Giantess (Guys Only)
New smimming pool rules(they're quite weird) 2010-07-31
1)all children under the age of 15 MUST wear a snugly-fitting swim diaper 2)any child wearing a ...
Tickle Tickle Tickle 2012-02-27
If you are a ticklee or have ever been tickled...
How long should I wear my chastity belt? 2012-02-27
So I know there are those out there who have an interest in chastity. I am a 20 year old guy who ...
Are you limiting clothing for your daughter 2013-04-29
I read several articles encouraging to limit clothing of girls. I am seduced by this approach and...
Guys: Being completely naked around other guys. 2014-01-17
This survey is only for guys that love being naked around other guys.
How would you run a Prison? 2013-12-31
If you had to run a prison for both Male and Female inmates, how would you do it?
Merchandise 2002-11-15
Merchandise poll
For those who want to be, but have never been tickled 2015-12-15
Unfortunately, some people who think they love being tickled have never truly experienced ticklin...
GUNGE! 2005-02-04
Are you mad about gunge? Love being gunged? Well go and answer this poll all about gunge!
weird pee habits (girls only) 2008-10-06
i knew some girls had some weird bathroom habits like the whole hover over the toilet to pee inst...
If you really need to pee, take this poll 2010-07-08
If you really need to pee, take this poll
Lost a bet for Halloween ( girls only ) 2010-08-25
I lost a bet with a girl who is a friend of mine, the winner would be able to choose the Hallowee...