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Pick My Wedgie AND Self Spanking 2015-04-06
I have some time this week where I figured I'd do a special self wedgie and a special self spanki...
girls wrestling boys 2001-05-18
Can girls beat boys in wrestling, play fighting?
weird pee habits (girls only) 2008-10-06
i knew some girls had some weird bathroom habits like the whole hover over the toilet to pee inst...
boys shirtless 2011-03-02
I am a skinny 14 year old boy that is embarrassed to take his shirt off anywhere unless I am by m...
teens over 14, do you have a bedtime? 2002-08-26
This poll is for teens 14 and up only. I am curious as to what your bedtimes are?
Pick a number between 1 and 10! 2009-08-31
Look away from the screen before you pick. Then, scroll down and look for the number you chose. D...
Renaissance Fair Staff 2010-02-04
You are applying for a job to a Renaissance Fair. Part of the job involves being publicly tickle ...
teenage tearaway prison(14-19) 2013-08-26
teenage boys seem to get away with too much these days, vandalising, drink,fighting, stealing etc...
Kids/Teens: What would you do... 2011-08-06
... if you were home alone for a week? It's in the holidays. Everyone who controls you has left f...
Lets go shirtless (Guys only) 2015-01-02
A bunch of different questions on going shirtless.
My girlfriend started smoking... 2011-09-27
My girlfriend and I are both in our mid-20's. She started a new job a few months ago, and is doi...
Harnessed Children 2001-10-19
This poll explores the use of children harnesses. Either parents of harness children or child...
Punishment For Child Pornography 2006-03-17
What should the punishment for anyone who has been caught with child porn be? (if a punishment sh...
Restraining kids 2014-08-13
Restraining kids
When and Where are you shirtless? (guys only) 2008-05-24
So guys, summertime is almost here...when and where are you shirtless?
What should a male Maid of Honor wear in a wedding? 2001-12-31
My girlfriend has chosen a boy to be her Maid of Honor. We think we want him to be dressed just l...
One Shoe in Public 2003-09-03
If you've ever gone with one shoe in public please take this poll.
Group strip-search 2012-02-09
Group strip-search
guys who lose their shoes 2012-03-20
A poll for guys who've either lost a shoe or shoes or had them stolen
Forfeits (boys/men only) 2005-04-18
This poll for boys/men will look at forfeits which people have had to do as a result of having do...
Swimming (Girls only) 2008-11-04
Swimming (Girls only)
Parking Lot Peeing 2010-02-04
Peeing emergency in parking lot. Sometimes people are caught short and I am interested who (age ...
Spanking 2012-02-22
Buttoned Up Girl 2015-07-10
Anyone have a thing for girls in fully buttoned up blouses?
(WOMEN ONLY!) Adult Women Smokers, Do You Like Cigarettes? 2005-03-07
This survey is for women who have smoked for more than two years and are over the age of 14. Tha...