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Chastity for my husband 2015-03-23
My husband has to be punished severely! 1) I will lock him into chastity, the question is the d...
Boys who have spanked their girlfriend 2008-05-27 (closed)
Hi I'm a 14 year old boy and you know that poll of girlfriends spanking their boyfriends. Well, I...
Cereal Questionnaire (for 12-18 year-olds) 2012-11-07
This is a poll as part of my Business Studies coursework. We have to design a new brand/sort of ...
Rules for a Diapered Male 2015-01-13
Rules for a Diapered Male
Our Tie Up Game 2015-01-02
While my parents are out for dinner and a movie, we play a tie up game.
Have you ever pooped your pants at school 2015-03-23
Just a poll if you ever messed your pants in school as a kid
rectal temperatures and children 2009-02-13
i have some questions about taking childrens temperatures
Childhood Nudity 2006-12-21
Reciently I was at a local swim/health club and there were several girls (presumably daughters) i...
Boy's beachwear 2008-10-09
From both the family photo album and my memory I can remember those summer trips to the beach and...
Teens poll 2015-07-10
Talk about your penis
School Discipline 2009-08-23
This poll relates to primary school(5-11) only. There will be a version for secondary school (11-...
Do guys go barefoot more than girls? 2015-05-19
I've experienced that many guys go barefoot at home or during P.E. at high school, even during ou...
Gays Teen Survery 2007-12-18
This is a survey for any GLBT teens. Its about how gay teens think about themselves and how they ...
Preventing a Enterovirus D68 Epidemic 2014-09-29
Enterovirus D68 is spreading across the USA at epidemic speed. The respiratory condition has caus...
what wedgie do i deserve? 2015-06-21
what wedgie do i deserve?
Pillory Humilation 2010-03-29
For those who would love to see or participate in a bit of public humiliation!
Losing a shoe in public (guys only) 2011-06-26
This is a poll for guys who have lost one shoe in public
Teenage boys clothing 2009-06-19
What do teenage guys like to wear?
I can make you pee your pants 2016-08-31
A hard poll if you really need to pee
Tickle Mania 2002-09-25
My friend and I think tickling is VERY fun. We wrote this poll to find out about other people's ...
Are girls better fighters than boys? 2008-06-07
In my school there have been a couple of fights between girls and boys and in both fights the gir...
How long should I wear my chastity belt? 2012-02-27
So I know there are those out there who have an interest in chastity. I am a 20 year old guy who ...
Hot Mixed Wrestling Match Against Me (Guys Only) 2015-01-02
I'm a 5'2, 22 year old white female with long brown hair. I have a slim figure, weighing 125 poun...
Longer camp poll (first sleep-away camp) 2015-01-02
Someone who took my other camp poll told me it needed to be longer. This is still about your fir...
Guys who wear briefs - Do you use the fly? 2018-10-11
Guys who wear regular briefs, do you use the fly when you go?