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Desperate pee challenge poll 2015-03-23
18s and over, If you need to pee, test yourself by taking this, complete the challenges and let u...
Spanking - yes or no? 2015-03-23
This poll is to find out the opinion on spanking as a punishment of children. Please be honest, t...
Punishment for Brother. 2009-07-05
My brother (15) has been extremely unruly recently and he has destroyed my homework and posted f...
Guys, is your younger brother stronger than you? 2005-03-22
Does any guy have a problem having to deal with a younger brother who is superior to you?
diapered for a plane flight 2012-03-02
Were you ever diapered for a plane flight
Wearing a diaper on special occasions as a teen(girl related questions ) 2016-07-22
He, My name is jennifer and I am an 17 year old girl. And as the title suggest I need to wear...
Girls - Holding in your pee for a long time 2012-05-10
A poll about how long you can hold it.
Jerking off (guys only) 2014-05-27
Jerking off (guys only)
Guys only: Going to a naked party. 2013-11-25
In order to take this survey, you must be a guy that had gone to parties where you were completel...
Male underwear choices 2015-01-02
Various questions on your underwear preference... Please note it is only for the male half of the...
Girls only pooping survey 2014-05-19
Ladies, take it if you want.
boys & teens : underwear, swimwear and sleepwear poll 2004-06-02
hello to all I'm a 14 yo boy, and i just want to know what you guys usually wear. if you have sto...
How would I tickle you? 2014-03-24
I have a poll about how you would tickle me but how would I tickle you? I am a 6ft, 17 year old ...
Peeing togheter with friend - husband (wife) / boyfriend (girlfriend) M & F 2014-02-19
Funny situation when you had to pee "not alone" togheter with a friend of the same sex...
Pee location poll 2014-08-25
Poll to see where people pee, other than the toilet.
Clothing restrictions for boys 2017-02-07
Do you think that children should wear something else at home / backyard than they wear in public...
Female Celeb Bedroom Wrestling 2005-12-24
Who do you think would win each of these match-ups? Rules are wrestle on a bed in bra & undie...
Men and boys tied up naked by other men 2014-11-24
Men and boys tied up naked by other men
Girls in men's changing room 2003-08-10
Sometimes single parents will bring children of the opposite sex into the changing room at swimmi...
Peeing scenarios 2015-03-23
Just a poll to see what you would do in certain scenarios
Teen Boy Penis/Genital Checks At Doctor's Office By Male Doctor 2013-09-23
A poll about teen boys getting penis and genital checks by a male doctor during a standard physical.
First Mixed Wrestling Experience - Males who lost 2014-08-05
To find out about the feeling and the experience of wrestling the opposite sex for the first time.
Ashley's Giantess Poll 2016-11-29
This poll will center around me being a giantess. If I was a giantess, would you prefer me to be ...
Your Opinions On Spanking Kids 2014-03-31
This is just to get an opinion on what you think about spanking kids.
Girls, have you ever peed on plants or flowers? 2014-04-07
I have seen some polls about peeing in unusual space both indoor and outdoor. Then I found peeing...