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Leggings and Miniskirts are Back 2006-09-28
Leggings--those spandex garments that are not quite tights and not quite pants--and miniskirts ar...
People in Rubber Gloves 2007-09-15
I’m interested in the psychology ordinary people have about household rubber gloves. I know tha...
Barefoot at the toilet 2009-03-13
Barefoot at the toilet
Underwear Contest Round 4 2009-06-12
This is the final round is the underwear tournament. After 50 votes, Hanes Boxer Briefs amd thong...
LOST A BET 2010-05-20
I lost a bet to my girlfriend and now i have to do this to decide my punishment.
Girls, did your boyfriend make you go barefoot? 2011-01-28
Barefoot for your boyfriend
GUYS ONLY: Do you have a job that allows you to work shirtless? 2011-05-23
This survey is for guys only and is about shirtless jobs.
Superhero Showdown - Humiliating Mixed Wrestling (Females) 2011-12-22
My name is Super-Stud, and for the last 5 years I have defended the planet earth from problems, l...
Messed Up Big 2012-02-22
I stole something, I've returned it and the owner isn't pressing charges, however, my step-dad th...
Ticklish Girls Only Pole. Ages 18-30 2012-03-02
Girls 18-30 only!!! I want accurate results! Hey girls, how ticklish do you think you are? I am p...
You can't put me back in diapers! ycdtotv diaper dooms and other fun 2013-01-03
One key hilarious part of ycdtotv was that the mother character would often condemn the character...
The typical sockie 2014-04-28
PLease take this poll if you are a sockie. A "sockie" is someone who likes to be socks...
Tell me about youself. 2016-02-10
Something to keep me amused. 8D
Girls, have you ever been tied up? 2021-11-02
Girls, have you ever been tied up?
Girls wrestling other girls 2002-05-12
A few questions about girl vs. girl wrestling!
what do you think? 2005-04-19
what do you think of smoking? please let me know
How tough are you? Boys only 2005-10-17
Many modern boys are getting very soft, out of shape and unmanly. Life offers few challenges and...
Swimming Fully Clothed Poll 2007-05-04
Some people swim in their clothes. Do you?
1860's hoop skirts or 1950's full skirts?(girls only) 2009-02-27
that clothes seem more feminine to you ;1860's civil war dresses with their hoop skirts or 1950's...
Tanning with Mom 2009-08-03
Girls: have you ever layed out in the sun with your mom? My mom is laying out today in our yard,...
One shoe and shoeplay - Ladies 2009-08-11
For those that dangle and slip their shoes off or have worn one shoe or had a one shoe experience...
should i switch to briefs 2010-06-07
This is kinda a long story but ill try to describe it. So me and one of my friends who lives like...
nannies 2010-08-21
Bare feet Outside 2012-10-22
Do you go barefoot often during summer? what if someone asked you to?
who does these polls 2013-02-05
I am curious what kind of people do polls, so a lot of random questions