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Girls in Raincoats 2006-07-20
When I was in highschool, many moons ago, almost all girls always wore raincoats. I notice that g...
Muscles & Body Hair (Men) 2007-12-30
Let us know about your body and how you feel about it.
Teen Speedos 2008-05-30
Teen Speedos
Girls and Panties (Girls only) 2009-01-03
Girls, what do you love about your panties?
girls,if you got to fight/wrestle a guy you HATED!!! 2009-05-18
this is a poll about how girls feel about beating up a guy they hated
Male Initiation Cermony 2009-09-24
Male Initiation Cermony
Kids Hate Socks 2011-01-10
My kids always complain "I hate wearing socks!". They rarely wear them. I have 4 kids, ...
design your perfect country 2011-10-27
design your perfect country
As a kid what did you wear to bed 2012-01-12
When you where a kid what type of clothing did you wear to bed.
Male Slave 2012-02-15
This is just a poll for fun to see what women would do with a male slave
Barefoot Trouble 2012-10-15
Is there any time you go in trouble for going barefoot?How about if you were punished or forced t...
Why are girls so strong now? (girls answer) 2013-08-01
I got picked up by and thrown by my 15 year old sister and my 11 year old girl cousin. My eight y...
Pie in the Face from my Mom 2014-02-07
My mom is going to pie me for losing a bet
Favourite wrestling pins 2014-07-14
I always enjoy pining my opponent in a schoolboy pin ( mount). I find this the best, strongest h...
Sitting on my face 2014-08-13
Sitting on my face
Tickle Poll 2016-01-11
A poll about tickling
Epilepsy and Incontinence 2016-07-20
A poll to find out how epilepsy affects you in regard to incontinence.
Shy about being barefoot around friends 2016-08-27
I am very shy about being barefoot around friends or family. I am an 18 year old girl and I'm in ...
Women who have and would like to kick/knee men in the nuts/balls. (ballbusting) 2016-11-09
This is a poll for women who have kicked/kneed men in the balls (or used other methods). Have you...
Airport security 2016-12-26
Airport security has become more and more of a hassle for the average traveler. This poll is abou...
Fights with girls 2002-01-24
Have you ever gotten in a fight with a girl and if so, what happened?
Catfight Attitudes & Experiences Survey 2002-05-31
A poll to survey male and female attitudes to and experiences of female fighting (catfighting). P...
Do you like to go barefoot outside? 2003-04-07
I want to know how many out there like to go barefoot.
Guys Who Get Tickled By Their Girlfriends/Wives/Fiancees 2003-05-20
This poll is about guys who get tickled by the special female in their lives.
Wellys (rubber Boots) and how offten do use them? 2004-03-23
This poll is about finding out how many pepole use wellys.