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Hypnosis Power 2007-06-20
I just want to know your hypnosis preferences
BOYS: Do you have got abs? 2008-09-14
BOYS: Do you have got abs?
girls would you wrestle a wimpy guy if your boyfriend asked you? 2009-02-15
this poll is to find out if any girls would wrestle a smaller wimpy guy that they could easily be...
Skirts on halloween- Teenage boys or little girls 2009-03-07
Weather Halloween costumes such as princess, cheerleaders, and Fairies are better for little girl...
Underwear Contest Round 3 2009-05-22
We are down to four candidates in finding what underwear is the greatest. After 50 votes, I will ...
underwear(boys olny) 2009-05-29
underwear(boys olny)
Barefoot at school 2009-09-23
I have seen a lot of my friends go barefoot. I have also heard of barefoot schools. I would like ...
THE GUY POLL 2010-05-02
GUYS with abs, take my poll? 2010-07-17
take my poll if your a guy who has abs.
Humiliating Mixed Wrestling - Scenario:Co-Worker Battle (Females) 2010-08-20
Fantasy Scenario: Lately, you have been under a lot of pressure at work. You are up for a promoti...
what is you underwear? 2010-09-18
what is you underwear?
How long should I be locked up? 2012-03-02
My girlfriend locked me in a chastity device last night, we just aren't sure about the conditions...
Transportation when under arrest 2012-10-22
Survey of methods of transportation used when arrested by law enforcement authorities.
Guys: health and hygiene survey? 2014-01-16
This survey is only for guys.
Humiliating Catfight at a Beach Bar Rematch 2015-07-10
I'm approaching this poll as if you won our last fight. The majority of the votes had you winning...
panty question 2015-07-31
panty question
guys wearing panties 2016-11-17
this poll is about guys that like to wear painties
Hispanic Mom's tickling their daughters. 2017-04-11
Hispanic Mom's are evil at tickling.
WOULD YOU RATHER...?? 2004-02-23
what would you rather do in these situations
which is most embarrassing 2004-07-16
Pied 2004-10-12
When you were gunged (girls only) 2004-10-22
If you've ever been at a fair or in a competition where you have lost and been condemed to a gung...
Footwear preference 2004-11-22
See what's the common footwear preference!
Porn Addiction 2006-06-06
Are you addicted to porn or not?
Girls in Raincoats 2006-07-20
When I was in highschool, many moons ago, almost all girls always wore raincoats. I notice that g...