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Footsie- Boys only 2003-12-17
Questions about footsie for boys only!
Barefoot hiking 2004-10-13
Have you ever gone for hikes or walks in the wilderness barefoot?
hypnotism 2006-06-14
if you could hypnotize...
Umbrellas 2006-11-23
Ladies (especially), tell us what you think about the humble brolly?
Wearing slippers in the house 2007-07-23
Do you wear wear slippers in the house?
Best couple of all time 2007-12-29
I want to figure out which couple is the best couple in fiction or real life. who had the stronge...
Men, teens, boys: describe the real you 2008-03-08
check the selections that best describe the real you
GIRLS riding in a car barefoot 2009-08-31
This poll is about being a PASSENGER in a car barefoot.
GUYS ONLY POLL: about going shirtless. 2010-08-20
Guys my age seem to love going shirtless out in public n the spring and summer. This poll is for...
Survey for GUYS about hitting the gym. 2011-01-15
This survey is for guys only, about going to the gym.
Do you go Barefoot? 2011-03-26
Do you go Barefoot?
Pie in the Face 2011-10-12
Have you ever had a pie shoved in your face?
Raphael Sorel VS. Edward Cullen 2012-03-29
Raphael Sorel VS. Edward Cullen
Gunge Gameshow 2012-10-26
A Poll about a brand new gameshow!! :)
Do you fold your underwear? 2013-05-06
Do you neatly fold your clean underwear before putting them away?
Death of Insects 2014-03-10
A brief poll on crushing insects. I'm not sure why I made this.
should I go shirtless this summer 2015-02-20
Should I go shirtless this summer or not. If I should, how often. I am a 25yr old male. I use a ...
Magic Sibling Tickling Gloves 2015-07-10
You find a pair of gloves that will allow you to tickle your siblings remotely just by making tic...
What should I make my son wear as a punishment? 2016-04-23
He is really misbehaving now so I think dressing him as a girl is the only way
how you sit down quickly with a knee length pleated skirt ? (females only) 2016-09-09
if at the school or at work you're wearing a knee length pleated skirt and very busy , you not s...
potty trained after younger siblings 2016-09-15
This is a poll where i want to find out how it is when an older sibling has more potty problems t...
getting soaped 2002-04-27
This is Poll to mouthsoaping
Use Baby Products? 2003-09-08
Anyone can take it.
Great Pranks 2006-06-29
this wascreated to c what pranks r simpile and creative to use at events such as sleepovers and s...
Sonic the Hedgehog Opinion Poll 2007-04-19
Sonic the Hedgehog is a great hero and his games are very fun. How do you feel about the series ...