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Las potty accident 2018-05-01
when was your las potty accident.
Diaper Use 2018-10-09
What has been your diaper experience with your children. What types of diapers have they used and...
Smoking and Cigarettes 2001-11-27
This poll is to determine which kind of cigarettes people prefer smoking.
Son at 14: time for an ear stud? 2003-12-18
Do you think for a son who has reached 14, and doesn't yet have his ear pierced, it's time to put...
guys getting gut punched 2006-03-02
how common do guys really get hit in the gut?
Feeling The Cold 2006-03-09
How You React To Getting Cold
Strangest Place 2006-08-18
Where is the stragest place you had an orgasm?
This or That Poll for Girls (Fun/Sexy) 2007-12-06
Choose one or the other in these situations...just for fun
WEDGIE DARE!!! 2009-08-03
Guy's Underwear 2009-12-26
So, really, what do you wear? Have you ever wondered what are the most popular types of underwear...
Some stupid questions for teenage girls. 2010-09-27
Some things that boys want to know
shots at the doctor 2011-01-28 (closed)
shots at the doctor
Seen your friend's mom undressed in any way? 2012-01-31
Seen your friend's mom undressed in any way?
Who's stronger Boys or Girls? 2012-09-17
Who's stronger Boys or Girls?
At your mercy 2013-09-30
At your mercy
Clothing Confiscation (footwear/shirt) 2017-05-25
Did you ever get your footwear or shirt confiscated as a kid? If so vote here
Delivery People and Nude Customers 2003-02-09
According to other polls on Mister Poll one out of nine men and one out of three women have been ...
Footsie- Boys only 2003-12-17
Questions about footsie for boys only!
hypnotism 2006-06-14
if you could hypnotize...
Umbrellas 2006-11-23
Ladies (especially), tell us what you think about the humble brolly?
Wearing slippers in the house 2007-07-23
Do you wear wear slippers in the house?
Different Types of Adventurous Parties! (girls) 2007-12-06
A collection of many different types of parties I've either been to or heard of people going to! ...
Best couple of all time 2007-12-29
I want to figure out which couple is the best couple in fiction or real life. who had the stronge...
Men, teens, boys: describe the real you 2008-03-08
check the selections that best describe the real you
GIRLS riding in a car barefoot 2009-08-31
This poll is about being a PASSENGER in a car barefoot.