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Bodypainting 2012-05-21
A few question for people who have been bodypainted
Shoe size by height weight age gender 2013-04-22
I am trying to make an average foot size progression chart
Choose my self spanking 2013-06-10
This is going to be used for a real self spanking please be reasonable on the punishment. I'm pun...
Dead plants and a sore bottom 2013-11-12
My neighbor recently asked me to water her collection of rather expensive plants. Like an idiot I...
how should she be tied up 2013-11-25
Gf wants to be tied up. Help decide how she should be tied
Forced to be barefoot in the hospital 2015-02-09
This poll is about situations in which the patients are forced into being barefoot in the hospita...
Life in college girls 2016-12-06
A poll about what it's like for girls in college these days. Questions range from roommates and c...
Teenage Girls' Muscular Legs 2003-06-30
This is to find out about athletic habits of Teenage Girls.
Would you change your sex for a while? 2004-07-02
The purpose of this poll is to see whether people are interested in experiencing what it would be...
being handcuffed for minor traffic violation 2004-09-28
Recently, I had a minor traffic accident. The state police were called to the scene. This acciden...
Questions for GIRLS ONLY!!! 2006-05-27
This is a poll for girls only.
Barefooting 2007-06-04
Do you like to go barefoot in public? Are you very careful, or do you like to have tough soles an...
Taking clothes 2009-01-21
This poll is to determine attitudes about guys taking girls clothes for souvenirs in various circ...
Teen Guys: Switching From Briefs To Boxers 2010-01-14
I am a sixteen year old boy who, believe it or not, still wears tighty whities! I would like your...
Guys, what do you wear to church? 2010-06-20
What do you usually wear to church in the summer and winter?
Should women rule the world? 2011-10-04
Humans have existed on this planet for approximately 5000 years and since the beginning men have ...
Swirly or Bogwash happenings 2012-08-10
This poll is about people who have received, given, watched or know someone who got a swirly/bogw...
Girls, are you stronger than me? 2012-11-19
To be more specific, are you stronger than me bicep wise. I am a 16 y/o boy and my biceps unflexe...
Everything Ticklish 2013-04-01
A poll about everything ticklish.
Beer Pong Bet Wager 2013-12-17
Me and a friend will be a team against two other friends. 3 games of beer pong will be played. Ch...
Can You Survive My Ultimate Peeing Challenge? 2014-02-25
Not many people will survive this unless you cheat. Good luck.
A Poll for ALL GIRLS / FEMALES who Have Been Knocked Out Unconscious, In Any Way, or By Any Metho...
Streaking! 2016-09-30
Just a Q and A about what you would do if you streaked.
School accidents 2018-02-22
School accidents
Las potty accident 2018-05-01
when was your las potty accident.