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Family Incest (Men Only) 2014-07-29
Women in the family (Incest) (MEN ONLY)
GIRLS: Unusual pee places! 2004-12-15
OK, just wondering where all us girls here have peed, and how we do!
Please help choose what clothes my boyfriend will let me wear 2014-08-13
Hi! My name is Heather. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I’m 5’2” and 111 lbs currently. I...
Peeing yourself in different types of clothing 2014-03-17
This poll assumes you do wet yourself and wants to know how you do it in different types of clothes.
Boys wearing girl clothes 2015-06-21
This poll is about boys wearing girl clothes. The top part is for boys and the bottom part is for...
Vampires vs. Werewolves 2009-11-10
For the sake of this poll, these are the rules:<br><br> Vampires:<br> Move at ...
How should I be punished? 2015-07-22
I swore, lied, and I stole something but it only cost 1$ and my aunt noticed it wasn't on the rec...
boys vs. younger girls who are stronger 2003-05-07
hi this is a poll about figths between boys and girls who are younger but pretty stronger
Wedgie story (follow your own path) Guys only 2012-03-02
Wedgie story (follow your own path) Guys only
in the garden 2015-03-30
pee situations in the garden. for this poll, you have a large, secluded garden
Pre-Teen/Teen Boys Sleepwear 2009-05-23
Just a poll too see wat most pre-teen/teen guys wear to bed.
Would you pee yourself? 2013-05-13
This poll is to find out when would you pee in your pants. It is not trying to make you pee yours...
Guys: all about Freeballing! 2015-03-23
This survey is for guys who freeball (don't wear underwear).
General Survey for Girls 2015-03-23
So I found this on another site and thought it was interesting. All credit for the survey goes to...
Need to pee??? GIRLS ONLY! 2017-04-14
At the end you won't!!!
Diaper punishment for period accident (for girls) 2014-12-16
I had 2 accidents where I forgot my pads for my period and had my period leak through my clothes ...
Is it okay to be shirtless?(GUYS ONLY!!!) 2006-01-04
I am probabally never shirtless around my house, and it's been that way for years. Suddenly, it ...
Public Spankings 2010-03-26
My daddy dosen't seem to care weather we are in public or not when he wants to spank me. He says ...
"Sissy" pageboy/ring-bearer outfits 2013-04-01
Have you ever been a pageboy or ring-bearer at a wedding and had to wear an outfit you considered...
Dealing with Bedwetting II 2015-05-04
How would you deal with an older bedwetting child? I personally have problems staying dry at nigh...
younger sister stronger than older brother (boys) 2002-10-28
Sometimes young sister can beat and outmuscle her older brothers. Is it a rare situation? Perhaps...
spanking teens 2004-10-11
Should teens be spanked
Watersports and Bedwetting 2014-08-13
For anybody who likes to pee and who still likes to wet the bed
Bottomless at school 2017-04-17
A poll for girls who like to go to school bottomless. In my town during the hotter parts of the y...
Mom's to little girls (peeing habits) 2009-07-13
This poll is for mothers of girl from potty trained all the way up to about 12