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Wet Your Pants at a Traffic Stop 2005-03-23
A bunch of us were cruising around town the other night, and we got stopped in a police roadblock...
Female Feet (for adult ladies only!) 2006-01-11
A survey to find out what women think about their feet
Exposed Bra 2006-07-29
During this summer season it is pretty evident that girls are no longer embarrased to expose not ...
Women in Rubber Gloves 2006-08-14
I'm curious about women's use of rubber gloves. I've noticed that some women, like my wife hardly...
Wearing Flip Flops/Sandals in the Winter (Females Only PLease) 2010-02-16
I live where we get cold Winters, and now and then I see womem wearing their sandals and/or flip ...
wedgies 2010-09-03
Injections (Male and Female) Experiences, Preferences 2010-11-07
This is a poll to be taken seriously. I am curious as to past experiences of where you received o...
Bug Survey For Females ONLY(Please) 2011-05-05
Bug Survey For Females ONLY(Please)
Tie me up 2012-03-14
Tie me up if like | I'm a 23 year old male interested in seeing how others would tie me up
Girls, where have you been barefoot? 2012-07-03
I'm a 17 year old girl from Germany and I walk barefoot a lot as my bf wants me to. How about you...
Tickled as a child or pre-teen by your friends 2015-06-21
I want to see if anyone had some crazy tickling experiences when you were young or How your frien...
Teengirls: are you a youth or still a kid? 2016-10-04
Beeing a Teenager has nothing to say about how mature you are, every girl is different :)
Male fitness and strength (or lack thereof) 2003-06-30
Many guys in the West and especially the USA are getting very unfit and out of shape. This poll i...
Teen Girls driving barefoot 2003-07-10
Girls-Haircuts 2004-06-14
Short poll focusing on long to short haircut for girls
Dress Codes at Work (Ladies only) 2004-12-03
We know that at almost all schools, there is a dress code that regulates certain types of dress. ...
Would you like to be young again 2008-07-08
Would you like to be young again
Have you ever went to a doctor for something minor such as a cold and had 2010-05-29
a surprise when you were unexpectedly asked to take off your clothes or otherwise expose yourself...
Mummy's tickling sons tummies 2010-06-01
When I was a kid my mum tickled my tummy all the time. Did any other guys get tummy tickles from ...
Polo Shirts (guys only) 2010-06-16
How do you wear your polos?
Have you ever been kidnapped for fun? Taken some place. You didn't know where you were. Perhaps...
Shoes off at airport security (outside the USA) 2010-09-04
Removing shoes at airport security is mandatory in the USA. However, most other countries - for e...
Accidentally falling in mud or water 2011-09-13
While outdoors, have you ever fell into mud or water by accident?
Groin attack and reaction 2012-02-28
Groin attack and reaction
Bodypainting 2012-05-21
A few question for people who have been bodypainted