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Girls humiliated by boys 2010-04-26
Girls humiliated by boys
girls who have beaten up boys 2013-06-24
Have you ever beaten a boy in a fight or wrestling match
Opinions on Corporal Punishment 2014-09-15
This is a broad poll launched to gain some insight into popular opinion as regards corporal punis...
Stopped by the cops 2014-12-16
Have you ever been stopped by the police while driving?
Worst Summer Camp Ever? 2015-08-11
Did you ever go to a summer camp and you just hated it?
Barefeet/Barefoot Poll 2018-10-11
A poll about your barefoot tendencies and behaviors. I'm using this for general information, as ...
Actors and Actresses 2001-11-09
Does the cast get to see more of a show than the audience ?
Are you the parent of a litterbug 2003-09-16
This is a poll for parents whose children drop litter.<BR><BR> If your children ...
Costumes for charity 2004-10-18
This is a poll about what costume-related antics you would participate in for charity. Please ans...
Cold weather clothes for females 2008-12-19
I have noticed that, on cold days, guys enjoy seeing a girl in rather skimpy clothes. They know ...
Speedos!!! (straight guys) 2009-03-25
For all those unanswered questions about speedos. Please, only straight guys answer
About your feet for guys only 2009-09-15
im kinda insecure about my feet so could you guys help me out and answer some of these? thanks!
what type of swim suit do you wear 2010-03-28
guys only
Mixed Wrestling. 2011-04-23
Just a basic poll on Mixed Wrestling .
What is the most painful in a fight? 2011-12-18
I want to know which hit is the most painful to be on the recieving end of in a fight.
young girls challenging older guys 2012-03-14
Through my searches on the internetthere seems to be a lot of girls out there around the age of 1...
Sleepwear (Men) 2013-04-15
Sleepwear (Men)
Is this fair? 2014-02-02
A while ago my mom made a poll on my acc. to finish an argument we were having about pajamas. Now...
Design more Footie PJs for me 2014-05-19
Based on responses to a previous poll, please design more footie pjs for me. You can make them as...
What was your first sleep away camp (summer camp) like? 2015-01-02
This is for anyone who ever went to a camp where they stayed there and slept at least a few night...
Childrens bedtimes 2002-01-09
I am continually challenged by my boys that their bedtimes on schooldays are not the same as the...
Tickling 2002-03-27
Tickling Questions
why are we fascinated by spanking? 2003-11-15
I have noticed a lot of polls both here and on other sites, and I was wondering who and why we al...
Wives who enjoy housework 2004-10-11
A poll about wives who gain satisfaction from doing traditional feminine household tasks.
Guys as Bridesmaids 2005-03-10
when my sister got married i got talked into being on her side in the wedding. what would you hav...