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How old were u when u first got a gf/bf? 2007-04-18
I was wondering if i should have a gf at my age. How old were you when you first got a gf/bf?
Sons New Dress Code 2008-09-28
I have noticed that alot of people have been making theirs sons wear a dress code, so I thought a...
Can bras become fashionable for men? 2009-11-07
Many men wear bras for various reasons. For some, they really do need support. Others just want...
Teenage Girls Who Still Get Tickled By Their Moms 2010-05-29
This poll is just for teenage GIRLS who still get tickled by their moms. No boys allowed.
All Things.....TICKLISH 2010-06-20
are you ticklish? do you like being tickled? etc
young girls challenging older guys 2012-03-14
Through my searches on the internetthere seems to be a lot of girls out there around the age of 1...
Is groin attack sexual assault ? 2012-03-26
Is groin attack sexual assault ?
Guys shaving armpits 2012-08-23
I've been shaving my armpits for quite sometime now. I'm starting to notice that other men are a...
Pick what will happen to me 2013-03-11
Pick what will happen to me
Spanking poll 2013-04-29
Okay, Im a 17 year old girl, and lately I've been neglecting my homework, my chores, and I've bee...
girls who have beaten up boys 2013-06-24
Have you ever beaten a boy in a fight or wrestling match
Peeing In Portapotties (girls only) 2013-12-06
Peeing poll centered around portalets.
Girls and Guys wrestling 2014-06-30
This is a poll for any girls or guys that have wrestled against the opposite gender. It covers q...
punish me 2015-07-10
I've been very naughty and need punishing, I am a male who doesn't seem to learn very well.. What...
Getting to know you 2016-03-01
A bunch of questions you'd ask someone to get to know them
Actors and Actresses 2001-11-09
Does the cast get to see more of a show than the audience ?
High School Detention 2002-01-14
This poll is to determine your thoughts about school detention
Breast Milk 2002-04-15
Seems to be a controversy about sucking a woman's breasts while she is lactating.
<u>FEMALES ONLY</u> - Clothing Choice (Skirts Or Trousers?) 2002-08-09
Western society deems that women can wear skirts/dresses AND trousers/shorts, but men may only we...
Totally tickling and nothing else. 2003-07-06
This is the Ultimate Tickling Poll in the world! If you love tickling then this is the poll for you
teenage smoking 2005-04-04
this is just a random poll for teenagers.
Have You Ever Been Robbed? 2006-04-19
You read stories in the news all the time, but have you ever been robbed? Please share your expe...
stripped 2008-07-08
Have you ever been stripped by a stripper or strippagram?
Girls home uniform 2009-01-21
I have a 14 year old daughter and she is always scruffy I have spent a lot of time thinking what ...
wet clothes GUYS ONLY PLEAZE 2009-05-09
just what the title says