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Who have you seen buying diapers? 2017-08-23
Whether for toddler or maybe an older child, tell your experiences here. Feel free to take the p...
Hazing 2002-10-09
Have you been hazed in school, fraternities, etc?
Girls and High Heels 2003-12-15
This is a poll for girls who wear high heels and what they like about them.
How strict is your father? 2004-02-13
KIDS AND TEENS ONLY! You're still living with your father if your parents are divorced. Is he too...
College Figure Drawing (Life Drawing) Class 2004-11-28
College Figure Drawing (Life Drawing) classes often use a nude model in western countries. Thi...
Lets see what you think?!?!?
which is the superior sex? 2005-09-23
just a querie
Nail painting while sleeping prank 2006-07-13
I saw a video on youtube the other day where a girl painted a sleeping guys toenails. I wondered ...
Skinny Dipping 2006-10-08
A poll to see what you would do if you caught someone skinny dipping
Ben's Barefooter Poll 2009-03-22
Any barefooters take this poll.
Lost bet to girlfreind you decide what happens 2009-03-28
Me and my girlfriend go to rival schools and we made a bet on the football game between our schoo...
handcuffs/ being arrested 2011-01-10
handcuffs/ being arrested
Choose my punishment 2013-02-18
I constantly cannot get off the computer to finish my homework so I have decided to end it once i...
Perfect tickling fantasy 2013-09-09
have someone you want to tickle torture? who? How? do tell!
should kids be alowed to be nude in public? 2013-10-08
A short poll
Craziest thing you've ever done 2006-08-21
What is the craziest thing you have ever done in public? Maybe at school, at a party, in the mall...
Sons New Dress Code 2008-09-28
I have noticed that alot of people have been making theirs sons wear a dress code, so I thought a...
Can bras become fashionable for men? 2009-11-07
Many men wear bras for various reasons. For some, they really do need support. Others just want...
All Things.....TICKLISH 2010-06-20
are you ticklish? do you like being tickled? etc
What should I wear on 7th grade school camp 2010-09-27
I'm just 13and that makes me the oldest boy in 7th grade. I don't want to be made fun of because ...
Thrown into water fully clothed against your will 2010-11-07
Think of a time when you were near water. All of your friends were swimming but you had decided n...
Preferences when You're in a Dunk Tank 2011-12-20
This poll is a set of somewhat random questions about what you like when you go in a dunk tank.
Is groin attack sexual assault ? 2012-03-26
Is groin attack sexual assault ?
Spanking poll 2013-04-29
Okay, Im a 17 year old girl, and lately I've been neglecting my homework, my chores, and I've bee...
Girls and Guys wrestling 2014-06-30
This is a poll for any girls or guys that have wrestled against the opposite gender. It covers q...