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100 day challenges 2014-08-13
this is a poll on what you would do as a challenge for 100 days
My Bully 2014-09-23
Pick the Bully and pick what they do to me.
A big trend in wedding photography is "trash the dress" also known as "drown the g...
sagging pants 2005-11-03
Hey, im new here and i LOVE to sag...usually below the butt and with boxers that completely contr...
the feelings when you fainted 2006-01-29
did you ever fainted? how? and did you liked it?
Getting a massage 2006-05-26
Just a little poll about what you like about or would like in a massage
Taking Off Your Boat/Deck Shoes Off In Public. (Men/boys only please) 2009-12-16
I wear Deck Shoes once in a while, and I like to take them off my bare feet, when I am in public.
Would you sell the shoes you are wearing? 2011-08-15
If yes, how much would they cost.
Airport Security and Kids4 2012-03-19
As of Saturday, February 4, 2012, results of my poll "Clothing Limits (in Public Places) for...
"Boys go barefoot, girls wear shoes"....? 2012-10-22
I've heard that many times before.I want to know if anyone has had to live by this or currently d...
Perfect tickling fantasy poll 2013-12-26
Is there someone you want to tickle torture? who? How? do tell! (Now with more Questions!)
Wetsuits 2014-09-15
pee 2015-07-22
I bet I can make you pee yourself
Circumcision risk 2016-04-28
<p>You have a boy, you get him circumcised. How much simpler can it be, right?</p> ...
Facesitting/Stinkface 2016-06-09
A poll to see who has been facesat or stinkfaced before and what it was like.
What would you do? 2016-12-06
What would you do?
Embarassing Things 2002-12-03
This poll asks questions about under what circumstances you would do certain embarassing things. ...
Coke Vs Pepsi 2003-10-07
Coke Vs Pepsi hmmm. What kind of a sad bastard would make a poll like this
Wats worse for a minor, sex or drinking 2006-01-11
Basically it wether or not you think its more okay for a minor (someone under 18) to drink (not d...
Depend diapers 2009-06-29
This poll deals with URINARY incontinence only
High School Locker Room (boys only) 2010-01-14
High School Locker Room (boys only)
woman ;imagine yourself as a policewoman and i a thief (women only) 2010-02-16
woman ;imagine yourself as a policewoman and i a thief (women only)
Humiliating Mixed Boxing: The Rematch (Females only) 2010-10-16
(Note: This poll is based off the assumption that you won the match in the first Humiliating Mixe...
Should I buy diapers? 2014-12-16
I'm 16 and I like to wear diapers. Should I buy them to pee and poop in and what type should I buy?
how do 14 year old dudes sleep at night? 2015-06-21
Poll to find out how most 14 year old dudes sleep