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What would you do for millions 2001-12-06
Here is the situation. You have been contacted by an eccentric multi-billionaire. He gives you th...
GUNGE!! 2002-10-03
I Love gunge and gunge tanks, and wanna find out what everyone else thinks about them!
Getting Dressed (Guys) 2003-10-19
Guys, when you get dressed, what exactly do you wear? You can answer this poll in what you are w...
gunging only boys please!! 2003-12-17
welcome to my poll please answer the following questions about being gunged thank you PLEASE EM...
shoeplay (boys only) 2007-02-28
I was wondering, do boys play with their shoes?
Men, have you ever cross-dressed for a costume party? 2008-06-16
How many guys have worn women's clothes for a costume party, and what did you wear?
Boys that go Barefoot 2008-11-15
Do boys go barefoot more often than before?
White Boxer Shorts 2009-02-16
Colors and prints seem really popular but I'm noticing more guys in the locker room are wearing p...
what do you feel about this underwear? 2009-04-03
what do you feel about this underwear?
Boys that are a Girl 2009-07-01
Boys you wake up an go into the bathroom an you notice that you are now a Girl down there what do...
Kids Always Barefoot? 2010-11-18
My boys and their friends always seem to be barefoot in our house. My boys also come home from ot...
best diaper 2012-03-02
I was wandering what is the best diaper
Lost bet to little sister have to dress like girl 2012-04-16
Ok lost a bet to her she made a profile here and is telling me what to rite so u guys chose my fate
How should I punish myself? 2014-02-19
I have done bad stuff and need to punish myself! I also sometimes punish myself for fun ;) DO ...
Do you like slime/gunge? GIRS ONLY PLEASE. 2014-07-08
How would you like to be gunged? Share in detail how you would/do like to get messy. This poll is...
Girl Bathroom Habits 2014-07-29
Im a high school girl and I was just wondering if my bathroom habits were normal haha.
Swimming and PE at School (over 18s only) 2015-04-18
As there is one for teens, this one is dedicated to those over the age of 18. The survey is to se...
ideas for my g/f to do to me for acting so childish 2015-06-21
So i have been wetting my bed and recently my pants and so my g/f has decided i need to make a po...
What are some good punishments? 2015-07-22
I am a teenage girl and There are things below I do on a regular basis that I feel are bad enough...
Will you buy the New iPhone 7? 2016-09-08
<img src=https://s15.postimg.org/rycnbr33f/i_Phone_7_concept_970_80.jpg/>
Pee Holding Contest 2017-02-05
Playing a peeholding contest. Can you win??
gunge a girl 2004-06-16
Anybody out there really want to gunge a girl for any reason? then answer this poll and tell me w...
What Do You Think of Cloth Diapers? 2006-07-04
This poll is to see what people think of using cloth diapers for babies.
Handstand Tickled 2009-07-13
Have you ever been tickled while doing a handstand/headstand? If so, where and how long, and by w...
Ticklish Nipples (guys only) 2010-07-28
One of my most ticklish areas are my nipples and always have been. Growing up I found that this ...