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Armpit hair age and length (BOYS ONLY) ;) 2009-04-25
Armpit hair age and length (BOYS ONLY) ;)
all about tickling (boys) 2009-07-16
This one is just for boys....sorry girls :(
Attitudes toward the nude human body 2010-05-20
Attitudes toward the nude human body
bare feet crazy 2010-11-07
tell me about your bare feet
Guys only survey: Men's health survey. 2013-10-08
This is a survey strictly for guys about men's health.
Punishments opinion 2015-02-09
Imagine that you are a teenage boy or girl who was naughty and you have to be punished. But if y...
Beach Tickling 2015-03-23
It's summer, you are on the beach, and you are buried in the sand. Only your head and bare feet a...
Mysteries unanswered...!!! 2016-03-08
Mysteries unanswered...!!!
would you rather be blind or deaf? 2016-03-11
would you rather be blind or deaf?
When you've had a bit too much to drink! 2003-05-06
Last week, I went to a party and ended up embarassing myself by getting very drunk. I'd like to h...
Military Branches 2004-11-14
Which military branch offers the best opportunities?
Female muscle growth (guys only!) 2008-11-30
Female muscle growth (guys only!)
Teens and Suppositorys 2008-12-04
I want to know if any teen boys have to get a suppository before and why. If anyone dosent know w...
Minimally dressed girls in winter 2008-12-21
This poll is to see how girls feel about wearing minimal clothes during winter. Also to see how ...
Have you ever had a suppostiory? 2009-02-13
Have you ever had a suppostiory?
British girls - going topless this summer? 2009-07-15
Recent government statistics suggest a quarter of all British women have sunbathed topless on hol...
Younger Siblings (whadda think about your's?) 2009-11-10
I'm a 13 year old boy and my sister is 11 years old. Usually, she's my very bestest, mostest goo...
boys underwear 2010-01-14
boys underwear
Ticklish Tummies 2011-04-25
I am a 16 year-old girl and my tummy is extremley ticklish! I love to see if other people are as ...
Gunge fantasies part 2 2012-12-18
Gunge fantasies part 2
Horrifying Prison for Teenage Boys 2013-02-19
You have been captured by masked guards that blindfold you and drive you to an undisclosed locati...
Be my school Bully 2013-03-25
Be my school Bully
My punishment for watching porn 2013-05-06
My girlfriend, erin, is going to punish me for buying an expensive porn subscription. Please help...
Pick My Wedgie! 2014-11-17
Choose what wedgie I give myself, as well as other punishments.
Papoose Board 2015-01-19
Papoose Board