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How often have you done a poo in your pants during adult life? 2014-12-04
How often have you done a poo in your pants during adult life?
Alternative school detentions 2017-06-06
School detentions can be long punishments which requires teachers to oversee the pupils under det...
pre teens 2001-07-18
This is a poll for kids who are not yet teenagers.
Have You Exposed Yourself ? 2007-07-22
This is a poll to find out how many people exposed parts of their bodies, (on purpose or not), An...
belly examination 2008-08-12
belly examination
Belly Button Play 2013-01-02
Belly Button Play
Pro Littering 2013-01-25
This poll is to see what you would do in each situation
Males and embarasing stunts 2014-04-28
Males getting pies in the face, cakes in the face, slimed, egged, gunged, cross dressing, and oth...
Android vs Apple 2016-08-15
<img src=https://s3.postimg.org/3ti3lzps3/25f2emq.jpg/> Which is better?
Everyone, thong swimwear for men? 2002-04-15
how do people feel about men wearing thong bikini swimwear at the beach or pool?
GIRLS - For those of you that get natural wedgies 2002-04-25
Hello-I'm looking to hear about your reactions and feelings on getting wedgies (excluding thongs!)
Fainting Poll 2005-09-22
Some Questions about fainting.
Girls outmuscling guys 2008-06-17
There has been a lot of discussion lately about women equaling and sometimes overcoming men in sp...
Kids Taking Their Socks Off at a Friend's House 2010-09-18
My son's friends come over to our house a lot. I have never seen one of them take their socks off...
Sandals,socks, or bare feet? 2012-10-15
answer these questions with what you would wear in this situation: sandals/flip-flops,socks, or b...
Underwear Q & A 2013-01-03
Underwear Q & A
For Adult Women Who Smoke 2013-09-16
This poll is only for women age 18 and over who smoke cigarettes (the tobacco kind only please). ...
Guys what would you do? 2014-08-13
Imagine this guys. You leave for a several day business trip. You get to your hotel and in your...
Lost a bet now I will have to do the top three choices 2015-08-13
I have lost a bet to an ex girlfriend and she has decided to allow you to pick my forfeit. She h...
Who is stronger- tall woman or short man (with pic) ? 2016-07-22
This is the second of the tall vs short polls with picture. The blonde woman is clearly a head ...
Do you trust Mass Media? 2016-10-13
In general do you trust mass media such as: newspapers, TV, radio, etc. when it comes to reportin...
Guys wearing exercise sandals 2004-03-23
To find out about guys opinions on men wearing wooden exercise sandals such as Dr.Scholl and berk...
Have you ever fainted? 2005-02-23
This is a brief poll on the causes and effects of fainting.
giantess power (females only) 2007-10-31
It's often been contemplated that the world would be a better with women in charge so come on, wh...
Adult females (18+) wearing kneesocks 2009-03-28
This poll is about adult females (over 18) who wear knee-length socks with an above-knee skirt, d...