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A poll for people with driver's licenses 2011-01-21
I heard that there was a study that found that a police officer patrolling alone, with no one els...
A Universal Language..Is it possible? 2011-01-28
It has been debated many times,and some people think it is possible;others do not.Do you think it...
summertime 2011-02-20
what do you do in the summer and how do you do it?
Loverused 2011-03-02
Look, I really really love you... BUT... just 1 example
The Average Woman 2011-03-04
This poll is intended for women, or young women who are done growing.
Not Recycling? 2011-03-20
Not Recycling?
Facial Hair 2011-03-21
Facial Hair
Statistics Homework 2011-03-22
Statistics Homework
Raspberries (not the fruit) 2011-03-26
Raspberries (not the fruit)
being hanged 2011-03-26
being hanged
What's your age? 2011-03-26
What's your age?
Air Force Ranks 2011-04-08
The air forces of the US, now Canada (had air force ranks before), and many other countrys use ar...
If you have been a Secretary for almost 30 years? 2011-04-22
If you have been a Secretary for almost 30 years what is the likelyhood you will remain a Secreta...
Drink in the face 2011-04-22
Drink in the face
Random 2011-04-22
Questions about you.
Which is better? 2011-04-23
Which is better?
Electronic Money Safe 2011-05-05
This poll is being conducted in order to make a product with the specifications that would be mos...
The new poll 2011-05-09
I'd like to know if there is a topic you would like to have a poll about. Just write what topic y...
Which Female Name Do You Prefer? 2011-05-17
I'm creating another fafic, but I can't decide on a name for the female.
Random Poll! 2011-06-23
Random stuff if you know what i'm saying :D
Who is the coolest? 2011-06-26
Who is the coolest?
Random Survey 2011-06-30
Take this survey regarding your political views, race, sex, ect...
What car would you buy if you won the lottery? 2011-06-30
What car would you buy if you won the lottery?
Reaction on the news or knowledge. 2011-07-27
You meet a stranger, person you never met or heard about and have no common friends in some meeti...
Do you ever feel bad for weeds? 2011-08-06
At my school there's a work-program and some of us have to use weedwhackers on areas where weeds ...