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Unladylike things you like to do (Women only) 2013-09-23
This poll is about unladylike things women like to do, share stories about you doing unladylike s...
how you sit down in a backless stool if you're wearing skirts? ( females only) 2014-11-04
how usually you sit down in a backless stool if you're wearing a pleated , wide ,flared or ruffl...
Torturing Your Little Bro(Boys Only Please) 2015-05-04
What do YOU do to your little bro for torture?
Imaginary P.E. rules 2016-10-04
Imagine that you are designing P.E. lessons on your imaginary school. If you are not a teacher o...
Bedwetting stories 2018-02-15
Bedwetting stories
Young girls dressing sexy and revealingly 2021-02-11
Do you encourage your daughter to show off and dress revealingly? Do you enjoy the attention she...
Men- do you prefer women in or skirts or trousers? 2003-07-24
MALES ONLY - Do you prefer to see ladies wearing dresses or skirts?
Bug crushing... how cruel can kids be? 2005-08-29
The fact of 'bug crushing' is not new... Lot of people don't approve it, but did you do it when y...
Humiliating Mixed Boxing (Females only) 2010-09-27
Having gotten tickets to go to the fights, you and a group of friends travel out to watch a night...
Treated like a child 2012-03-02
Treated like a child
The first part of the quiz tries to make you pee yourself. The second will force you to. This q...
I have to dress as Cinderella for a month to school, but with what accessories? 2013-09-23
I made a bet with this girl that if I could beat her in a race she'd dye her hair black and If I'...
slime Sarah 2014-06-13
How should Sarah get slimy and other daring challenges
Pie in the face 2015-02-09
Pie in the face
if you want to act like a baby i will treat you like a baby 2017-06-13
my mom use to say if I wanted to act like a baby then she would treat me like a baby. she would ...
Most embarrassing 2017-07-21
Most embarrassing
Playing in the rain 2011-03-22
What do you do when you are playing in the rain?
Summer Clothes 2011-05-16
It is almost summer again and I'm a little not sure what to do if anything. I took my kids shoppi...
Lost bet to my sister a year older then me! 2012-08-01
I am 13 years old and my sister is 14 and I lost a bet to her. She said that because I lost the b...
Should I let my girls stay up later than their current bedtime? 2013-02-25
I have two daughters, aged 12 and 16. I think we have a healthy routine but some people say it's ...
punishing commands-giving and obeying 2015-06-01
How would you react when your parents or teachers will punish you too mildly/harshly? And how wo...
Low blows 2015-07-10
Low blows
How strict is your mother? 2004-02-13
KIDS AND TEENS ONLY! You're still living with your mother if your parents are divorced. Is she to...
Kids/Teenagers Clothing 2009-11-01
Things like what you wear and what you wear under it.
all about your belly 2009-11-20
a poll with details about your belly, stomach, abdomen, whatever you want to call it