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Boys clothing habits 2012-08-23
I've seen plenty of polls on what parents allow their boy to where. I'd like to know what your s...
Do you like slime/gunge? GUYS ONLY PLEASE. 2014-07-08
How would you like to be gunged? Share in detail how you would/do like to get messy. This poll is...
Home school uniform 2014-09-23
I was home schooled so I wouldn't be picked on due to how I was dressed. I was dressed in "n...
The 2-Answer Poll 2015-03-02
Each question has 2 possible answers. If your choice isn't there (like if it asked for your favor...
WWE Divas Messy 2016-08-01
WWE Divas Messy
Pee/Poop your pants game 2016-08-31
A game where you poop your pants.
Back to diapers? 2017-04-24
When is it time to put accident prone and/or bedwetting kids or teens back to diapers?
Initations 2002-04-15
Have been initiated into various groups at various times - your experiances
Equality of Punishments 2009-09-23
This is a poll for couples and was prompted by a discussion on another forum. A woman and her hu...
Wrestling Mates 2009-09-24
Wrestling Mates
Dance costumes Females only 2010-06-28
Over the past few years it seems that female dancer's costumes have been getting skimpier and mor...
How Would You Feminize Me? 2012-04-13
This poll is mainly intended for girls but guys can take part if they want. My girlfriend caught ...
Forced to hold it 2013-12-06
Have you ever been made to hold it and had an accident?
Barefoot house rules 2014-07-07
And exceptions for those rules
Kids who have appeared on TV in their underwear 2012-04-16
This is a poll for kids who have appeared on TV in underwear for any reason. This might have been...
Stockings at 16 years old? 2013-11-18
Hi everyone! My mom bought me a nice pair of stockings with belt for my 16th birthday (which was ...
Worst City In Canada 2005-01-13
Whats the Worst city in Canada?
Youngsters in socks at the cinema 2005-11-18
It´s getting more and more common to see youngsters enjoying movies in the cinema with their sho...
How to get girls to crossdress you 2009-05-28
I want to get girls to dress me up but without having to ask how is the best way to do this?
Magician's assistant 2010-04-26
Do you like magic shows? What do you think about and like concerning the magician's assistant?
GIRLS ONLY: Pee emergency 2011-01-21
This is a poll for girls only about pee emergencies.
Do you like your armpits getting tickled ? 2012-04-23
I like my armpits getting tickled a lot and also tickling other girls armpits. Do you share same ...
Naked in a Play 2012-10-04
One of the respondents to my last poll said that he had to be naked for a school play. I'm curiou...
Unladylike things you like to do (Women only) 2013-09-23
This poll is about unladylike things women like to do, share stories about you doing unladylike s...
how you sit down in a backless stool if you're wearing skirts? ( females only) 2014-11-04
how usually you sit down in a backless stool if you're wearing a pleated , wide ,flared or ruffl...