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Have you ever used Planned Parenthood? Guys, this includes you too. 2013-02-19
Since the far right is trying to de-fund it I thought it might be interesting to see how many peo...
Mal was richtig Klamaukiges tun - wie entscheidest Du Dich? 2013-02-22
Einfach mal was Verruecktes und richtig Sinnloses zu tun! Warum nicht mal so richtig ueber die S...
Do teachers complain too much? 2013-03-15
Teachers are renowned for going on strike and complaining about their work conditions. Is this fa...
Does gym affect growth? 2013-05-03
Does going to the gym and doing heavy weights,squats, dead lifts, bench press etc at a young age ...
(for guys) first time you wrestled a girl 2013-05-28
(for guys) first time you wrestled a girl
New Random Things 6 2013-06-03
I am so bored and hot.
Does my tv belong to him? 2013-06-20
I was living with my boyfriend for the past 3 and a half years. I bought a $2000 60" 3D tv i...
If you could be anywhere right now, where would you want to be? 2013-06-20
If you could be anywhere right now, where would you want to be?
Which line should I use for a poem? 2013-07-25
Pick one
How old is planet Earth? 2013-08-01
How old is planet Earth?
Car, truck, SUV survey. Random questions about vehicles. 2013-08-01
I'm curious to know how others think about cars.....so here's my survey.
Mouth taped for snacking 2013-08-07
Mouths that can't behave themselves should be sealed up so they can't cause any more trouble. I'm...
Last Words and Thoughts 2013-08-14
I have been working on a book for over a year now, and I am trying to gather ways in which people...
Working methods/Time management 2013-09-03
Working methods/Time management
which is better sports or anime? 2013-09-24
which is better sports or anime?
How would you tickle torture me? (Females Only) 2013-10-08
I love to be tickled, so much! I'm a guy, 22 years old and want to know how you would tickle tort...
Calling ALL Male Technophiles. 2013-10-08
Hello Guys: Which female robot maid from the cartoons do you think i...
Halloween Piercings 2013-10-16
A poll about people getting piercings for Halloween.
What is your race/ethnicity? 2013-10-16
Just curious as to how individuals identify their race, or ethnicity
Card Sharks Questions 2013-11-01
These questions are for my Card Sharks game on YouTube.
Intelligence Poll 2013-11-18
Find out your intelligence. However, I will not tell you answers, so if you want to know them you...
adult women do you pee together 2013-11-25
have you ever peed with a friend/ other female
Women only: Interview and sweating 2013-11-25
When you go for a job interview or any type of interview do you sweat? If so, where do you sweat ...
can i as for som advice 2013-11-27
to get some advic on some thin my 8 year old so wishes to start doing
A new dare for kids 2013-12-17
to find out how many kids would do this dare