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Road Rage and Road Laws 2012-08-13
How do you drive on the road? Calm? Aggressive? While high? In this poll you'll find out more abo...
Zodiac Signs Romance 2012-08-20
If you at least partially agree with your Zodiac symbol, please take this poll, and be honest. Th...
Barefoot Acceptance 2012-08-21
This poll is to look at societal acceptance of people going barefoot.
Cities Of North America! 2012-09-04
Featuring cities of the United States and Canada.
Make your life better 2012-09-07
if there was one thing you could make up that would make your life easier or more fun what would ...
If you could have any surgery you wanted what would you want to have? 2012-09-07
If you could have any surgery you wanted what would you want to have?
Carnivorous Plant Questionnaire (UK only) 2012-09-10
Anyone can answer but I'd prefer it if it were only people from the UK.
Mexican media 2012-09-14
Thank you for answering this quick poll. Some of the questions may have more than one answer.
what is your favorite dog breed 2012-10-01
Pick your favorite dog breed out of the following: Siberian husky, Doberman pinscher, papilion, D...
Should you Buy Used Office Furniture 2012-10-22
If you have limited amount of budget, the best judgment for you is to rely on <a href="ht...
Humili8 - Male Celeb Gunge Show 2: Harry Styles 2012-10-22
A weekly poll which gives you the chance to decide what happens the male celebs who are most-dese...
big game hunt 2012-10-26
if some paid for you to go on a big game (animal) hunt what would you buy to hunt?
Sleep and Dream Survey 7th period 2012-11-05
This is a survey for people in grades 7-12 about their sleep patterns and habits.
Doctor Preference - girls only 2012-11-07
Girls, when you go for a checkup, do you prefer the doctor to be a man or woman?
What is your favorite color? 2012-11-07
What is your favorite color?
Favourite UK holiday destination 2012-11-12
Where is your favourite place to holiday at home?
Did you find your Christmas gifts? 2012-11-28
When you were a kid did you find your Christmas presents before Christmas day?
who's the barefooter? 2012-12-27
i'm creating a storyline for something. The idea is that a bunch of teenagers (age 17-19) are all...
Can you solve a rubik's cube? 2013-01-03
Can you solve a rubik's cube?
Charging your electric vehicle 2013-01-10
Charging your electric vehicle
Your Opinion On Everything 2013-01-14
Your opinion on several different things compared to other peoples'.
if i was one of these animals what would you do? 2013-01-21
i was watching this show and some had power to turn someone they hated into an animal. so i was w...
Ghost Poll 2013-01-25
I have voted in many polls on this site only to find that not many (if any) ask more detailed que...
Would you open it? 2013-02-05
A genie tells you behind this door either lies 10,000 dollars or dark magic that will render you ...
A couple of random questions 2013-02-11
Just a couple of random questions