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which is better sports or anime? 2013-09-24
which is better sports or anime?
How would you tickle torture me? (Females Only) 2013-10-08
I love to be tickled, so much! I'm a guy, 22 years old and want to know how you would tickle tort...
Calling ALL Male Technophiles. 2013-10-08
Hello Guys: Which female robot maid from the cartoons do you think i...
Halloween Piercings 2013-10-16
A poll about people getting piercings for Halloween.
What is your race/ethnicity? 2013-10-16
Just curious as to how individuals identify their race, or ethnicity
Girls, are you stronger than I am? 2013-11-01
I'll be 100% honest so please when answering this poll, be 100% honest as well. I'm 17 years old,...
Card Sharks Questions 2013-11-01
These questions are for my Card Sharks game on YouTube.
Intelligence Poll 2013-11-18
Find out your intelligence. However, I will not tell you answers, so if you want to know them you...
adult women do you pee together 2013-11-25
have you ever peed with a friend/ other female
Women only: Interview and sweating 2013-11-25
When you go for a job interview or any type of interview do you sweat? If so, where do you sweat ...
can i as for som advice 2013-11-27
to get some advic on some thin my 8 year old so wishes to start doing
A new dare for kids 2013-12-17
to find out how many kids would do this dare
barefoot 2014-02-02
Do the amount of sexual polls on here frighten you? 2014-02-25
Do the amount of sexual polls on here frighten you?
favorite type of dr dre beats 2014-04-07
which kind of beats you like the best
I want to kiss you. (Women only) 2014-04-11
At the office party last Christmas, I was asked this by a 18 year old boy. I'm 48. What would you...
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? 2014-04-28
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
home birth 2014-05-19
I am 9 months pregnant, and i was thinking of having a home birth. I've layed out pands in the re...
more guns 2014-06-02
more guns
Do you have to pee? 2014-06-02
Take this poll if you have to pee to see if you do (If for some reason ypu dont know...)
Pet Peeves of customers in retail shopping settings 2014-06-23
This is a poll to see if I am alone or in good company with the masses when it comes to retailers...
car accendent 2014-06-30
only for those who have been in an accident
Is the Maliniak Method effective for reducing or reversing hairloss? 2014-07-07
Have you personally used the "Maliniak Method" to treat hairloss/ If so please report ...
Name of our wolf dog 2014-07-24
My wife and I are having a disagreement over what to name our new wolf dog. Your help would be a...
The Battle of Fort Blanket 2014-08-05
Vote for your favourite Any Given Sundae blanket fort.