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Ticklish? 2003-02-19
i am 16 and i LOVE tickling! I've read a lot of the other tickling polls and tried to ask things ...
Do you take off your shoes to dance? 2005-01-24
This is a poll on your opinions about dancing with shoes off.
Getting in a dog cage 2006-01-29
If you have ever got into a dog's cage, by your wish or somebody else's, please complete this pol...
Guys who have been bearhugged 2009-11-10
The title says it all. I want to hear from guys who have been put in a bearhug by someone else.
Do you litter garbage? 2010-01-14
I myself have always littered my garbage, I enjoy the feeling that it gives me and it's convenien...
Bastinado 2010-07-05
I have to punish the feet of another guy, your comments and suggestions welcome.
Photographer - male or female 2011-05-28
I am a photographer (http://imagesprophotography.com) and I sometimes see requests posted request...
nudist children going to town 2013-04-01
You know how stores have a "no shirt no shoes no service" sign. When i was little i wou...
Decide on My Mouth Soaping Punishment 2014-04-07
Decide on My Mouth Soaping Punishment
(version 2)how do you sleep? 2015-08-18
This is just a little poll on how ordinary people sleep.(fixed(better))
Skirts, dresses, trousers at work 2003-06-30
This is about female dress codes at work. This poll is for FEMALES only.
Trapped on an Island 2004-08-29
Alright, it's the the old question what if you were trapped onto a deserted island. Have fun!
Doctor Exam 2007-12-06
Your Physical Exam
Girl/Cheerleader Bets 2009-04-03
I am a 16 year old girl and captian of my cheerleading team. Me and the other girls on the team a...
Age and wearing a corset 2009-11-10
Age and corsets
Do you think I should start to wear diapers? 2012-03-14
Since I found so many polls about people who are wearing diapers, I feet like to try it out. One ...
Teen girls, are you stronger and have bigger muscles than me, a 16-year-old boy? 2012-08-01
I am 16 years old, my height is 184 cm (6 ft 1/2 in), weight 72 kg (158 1/2 lb), bicep (flexed) 3...
So you lost a bet... 2013-06-20
You just lost a bet to someone in your family, would they do?
Going Commando 2013-09-09
I want to find out what factors affect a person's decision to wear or not wear underwear
Low blows in fights 2015-01-13
Just wanting to see if guys have ever used low blows (hits to the testicles) during fight with ot...
Punishment 2016-09-10
My boyfriend broke our tv while he was drunk, and I need help deciding punishment for him.
Bedwetting dress code 2016-11-08
Bedwetting dress code
Girls strong legs and leg wrestling 2001-12-12
Who have the stronger legs? Girls or guys? Who's the best in leg wrestling? If you have an exper...
Socks habits 2004-02-02
Several days ago a friend of mine and I discussed about socks. Since then I wonder about people's...
Burping (Girls Only) 2007-11-08
This is a poll to ask girls questions about burping