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underwear when u sleep (males only) 2008-09-24
underwear when u sleep (males only)
Socks 'n' Secrets (Boys) 2011-05-26
About the sock wearing habits of (expecially teen) boys
girls peeing in the bath 2014-05-05
a poll for girls who have peed in the bath
General Examinations 2014-12-16 (closed)
General Examinations
Extreme Stomach Growling (girls) 2016-11-29
Forget the same old stories about a hungry stomach in class. What about those situations that wer...
Bedtime 2001-12-18
I am 19 years old and I still have a bedtime I wonder if anyone else is in the same position.
Teen Guy Gunge 2002-12-18
Hello, i'm a fellow gunger. Answer a few questions for me, please. I'd hate to have to pie you!:)
Temperature Taking In Illness 2003-02-09
These days, there's a wide variety of methods to take the temperature of someone who's ill. I'd ...
barefeet tickle torture 2003-05-14
do you enjoy tickle torture especially on your barefeet
Bloods vs Crips 2007-08-08
Bloods vs Crips
Your waitress uniform Girls only 2010-03-22
There are many types of uniforms worn in restaurants. Some conservative and some sexy. This is ...
Naked 2011-03-22
My nine year old friend nick and I went to our local mall last summer. When we went, I was fully ...
Wild camping 2014-05-16
This poll is about wild camping, without modern facilities.
Alternatives to prison and fines ( females only ! ) 2015-03-30
Here are some alternatives to serving time in prison or to paying big fines. What is your openio...
Have you ever been locked up as a punishment? 2001-06-29
As a change from polls about being spanked, this poll is for those who have been locked up at hom...
Bastinado 2003-06-05
In some countries it is a common punishment for children to have their bare feet caned. This is m...
Locker room double standards 2007-02-05
In most cases women can enter men's locker rooms, and restrooms without incident, but if a man tr...
guys,do you find wrestling other guys sexy? 2009-09-26
hi, i often wrestle other women and i find it very sexy when i win and dominate my opponant, ive ...
Various underwear questions? MEN ONLY 2010-02-04
Various underwear questions? MEN ONLY
Have you ever seen your mom naked? 2010-09-29
Have you ever seen your mom naked?
Who is barefoot more:girls or guys 2012-10-22
I am doing this to see if more girls or guys like going barefoot
Lost a bet to my boyfriend - how should I be humiliated? 2013-08-19
I lost a bet with my boyfriend and he wants to humiliate me as much as possible over the course o...
Brotherly tickling 2015-07-22
This was a poll that my little brother (11) wanted me to make because he lost a bet. He said that...
A punishment to remember 2016-11-29
A boy, who lives across the street and I skipped school together and, when we were hanging out do...
Smoking Opinions of Teens 2003-04-09
Determining what age teens started smoking. Why, what factors make them want to continue/ stop. ect.