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Airport Security and Kids 2008-09-14
I am interested in finding experiences of parents as to how their kids responded to airport secur...
girls peeing positions 2014-05-19
When im in the bath and i have to pee really bad, but the toliets a ways away, i get on all fours...
Will you buy the New iPhone 7? 2016-09-08
<img src=https://s15.postimg.org/rycnbr33f/i_Phone_7_concept_970_80.jpg/>
Youngsters in socks at the cinema 2005-11-18
It´s getting more and more common to see youngsters enjoying movies in the cinema with their sho...
Girl/Cheerleader Bets 2009-04-03
I am a 16 year old girl and captian of my cheerleading team. Me and the other girls on the team a...
A Good Punishment 2010-08-25
I'm a teenage boy and i always get away with bad stuff so i need a good punishment to make it right.
Little Swimmers 2011-07-13
Parents put infants or toddlers in Little Swimmers diapers. They go up to about 4 years of age. ...
Barefeet (GIRLS ONLY) 2014-04-21
Questions for girls about barefeet.
Help with Spanking? 2014-05-05
My boyfriend is going to start spanking me, and I'd like some info on what's normal. I'm talking ...
Wild camping 2014-05-16
This poll is about wild camping, without modern facilities.
I know it's over done, but please help me choose my punishment 2015-01-02
I'm a 19 year old female. I'm bordering on failing out of school, since I've come home for winter...
abuse you 2015-03-02
I've made polls about you abusing me.. So now I'm gonna abuse you.. Do you want to be in this pos...
Wee yourself 2015-07-10
we have all done it
(version 2)how do you sleep? 2015-08-18
This is just a little poll on how ordinary people sleep.(fixed(better))
Mixed Wrestling Stories 2016-07-26
This is for anyone who wants 2 share an experience, for real or fantasy, boy or girl, it don't ma...
if you want to act like a baby i will treat you like a baby 2017-06-13
my mom use to say if I wanted to act like a baby then she would treat me like a baby. she would ...
What would you let your daughter wear where? 2002-03-06
I am wonder what type of clothes would you let your daughter wear. Please answer truthfully.
Enforcement Of Handcuffs 2002-10-20
How Do you React When You Are Handcuffed By Police?
Kids and Pajamas 2004-11-22
Pajamas are a peculiar adornment of childhood. For me, wearing pajamas recalls placid Saturday m...
Getting in a dog cage 2006-01-29
If you have ever got into a dog's cage, by your wish or somebody else's, please complete this pol...
Taking A Temperature 2008-07-02
To see how it was done, how it's being done, and how you'd want it done.
butt crack exposure 2008-11-18
butt crack exposure
Various underwear questions? MEN ONLY 2010-02-04
Various underwear questions? MEN ONLY
Have you ever seen your mom naked? 2010-09-29
Have you ever seen your mom naked?
My niece is my mistress.. 2015-01-02
For the past few weeks my 11 yold niece has been forcing me to wear girls clothes, make up and he...