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My niece is my mistress.. 2015-01-02
For the past few weeks my 11 yold niece has been forcing me to wear girls clothes, make up and he...
have you ever peed/pooped your pants 2015-08-13
This is my first quiz be nice hope you enjoyed forget about the spelling errors if any if there a...
Your waitress uniform Girls only 2010-03-22
There are many types of uniforms worn in restaurants. Some conservative and some sexy. This is ...
A babysitter that wont be able to sit! 2014-05-27
Hi I'm Sara! Last night i babysat my neighbors 9&7 year old. After i put them to bed i fell a...
Naked at a Party 2014-10-26
This is a poll about going to parties naked.
Babysitters and Kids ages 2002-05-31
This poll is to see how everyone feels on the topic of babysitters and kids, and how old each sho...
Smacking in public 2009-08-05
The aim of this poll is two fold. Firstly I want to see whether people think it is appropriate to...
Help with Spanking? 2014-05-05
My boyfriend is going to start spanking me, and I'd like some info on what's normal. I'm talking ...
College guys who live in dorms at college. 2014-12-16
This survey is strictly for guys who live at college and live in the dorms.
Have You Ever been To A Nude Beach 2016-10-04
Well, have you been to one?
I got caught shoplifting - decide my punishment (17f) 2021-01-20
Soooo... I got shoplifting. The security guard caught me trying to walk out with a bottle of wine...
Girls who smoke cigarettes 2008-10-07
Please I'm really interested in girls only. I don't care what your age is -- but I do care if yo...
ever been restrained 2012-09-26
Whether you were tied up or arrested. have you ever been restrained in any way?
Wetting Accidents in Late Teens and Young Adults 2017-02-27
Hi! I'm Claire, 24, and have been dealing with frequent wetting accidents since I was a teenager ...
wet clothes 2009-04-27
i love to get wet in all kinds of ways. i am wondering who else out their likes to get wet.
Underwear Poll For Guys 2009-01-17
What kind of underwear are guys wearing nowadays? Just for fun, let's see what's most common and...
Looking after younger siblings 2013-08-01
When older siblings are looking after the younger, they often do different from what the parants ...
Barefeet (GIRLS ONLY) 2014-04-21
Questions for girls about barefeet.
girls peeing in the bath 2014-05-05
a poll for girls who have peed in the bath
Wee yourself 2015-07-10
we have all done it
For those who want to be, but have never been tickled 2015-12-15
Unfortunately, some people who think they love being tickled have never truly experienced ticklin...
Are you a Litterbug 2003-07-26
I drop litter everywhere and so do the rest of my family. <BR><BR> So, what about ...
Upskirt (girls only) 2003-10-10
Just questions about upskirts
babysitting 2012-03-14
Enemas: Are they still used for constipation for children? 2013-04-22
Enemas: Are they still used for constipation for children?