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Female Teen Checkup 2008-12-21
Female Teen Checkup
Underwear Poll For Guys 2009-01-17
What kind of underwear are guys wearing nowadays? Just for fun, let's see what's most common and...
Parental punishment 2009-10-14
This poll is for parents only please.
boys being shirtless? 2011-02-20
I am a 14 year old boy in the U.S. Where I live being shirtless is very uncommon, and because of ...
Camp 2011-03-22
At day camp, the counselors where pretty liberal. Most of us guys went naked untill about 10. We ...
Lost a bet to my boyfriend - how should I be humiliated? 2013-08-19
I lost a bet with my boyfriend and he wants to humiliate me as much as possible over the course o...
girls peeing in the bath 2014-05-05
a poll for girls who have peed in the bath
how you sit down in a backless stool if you're wearing skirts? ( females only) 2014-11-04
how usually you sit down in a backless stool if you're wearing a pleated , wide ,flared or ruffl...
Physical exam experiences while growing up 2015-07-10
By today's standards, there was less privacy for me whenever I got medical check-ups as a kid.
Back to diapers? 2017-04-24
When is it time to put accident prone and/or bedwetting kids or teens back to diapers?
Gunging People 2004-06-14
poll about gunging people
What's Wrong With Littering 2006-03-22
Hi Im Candice.I am 29,divorced and have a 9 year old daughter.My daughter and I are usualy very b...
Blindfolded at the Dentist 2007-02-05
There have been more and more dentists offering blindfolds or sleepmasks to their patients recent...
Bare feet for boys 2009-06-12
I was wondering if boys like bare feet in general.
Teen Guys: Physical Examinations 2009-08-31
Teen Guys: Physical Examinations
guys,do you find wrestling other guys sexy? 2009-09-26
hi, i often wrestle other women and i find it very sexy when i win and dominate my opponant, ive ...
Age and wearing a corset 2009-11-10
Age and corsets
ever been restrained 2012-09-26
Whether you were tied up or arrested. have you ever been restrained in any way?
what whould you do? 2013-03-25
Questions about nudity
Do you like slime/gunge? GUYS ONLY PLEASE. 2014-07-08
How would you like to be gunged? Share in detail how you would/do like to get messy. This poll is...
Swimming and PE at School (over 18s only) 2015-04-18
As there is one for teens, this one is dedicated to those over the age of 18. The survey is to se...
Cut a switch 2015-07-10
I really think I need someone to spank me, but, in the absence of that, I'l spank myself. Now, I...
Have you ever been locked up as a punishment? 2001-06-29
As a change from polls about being spanked, this poll is for those who have been locked up at hom...
How strict are your parents? 2001-11-03
THIS IS NOT A POLL FOR ADULTS! You're still living with your parents. So, what do you think? Are...
Teen Guy Gunge 2002-12-18
Hello, i'm a fellow gunger. Answer a few questions for me, please. I'd hate to have to pie you!:)