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If you really need to pee, take this poll 2010-07-08
If you really need to pee, take this poll
Tickling Fetish (Girls Only) 2013-07-15
Girls with tickle fetish or just like to tickle or be tickled welcome!
Another self-bondage session 2014-11-24
Thanks for clicking my poll. I've done a first session of self-bondage using instructions given b...
What are some good punishments? 2015-07-23
I am a teenage girl and There are things below I do on a regular basis that I feel are bad enough...
Guys Opinions on Panties 2017-02-27
Determining guys thoughts and opinions on women's undies
Who's Stronger? Girls or Guys? 2007-09-15
There have been tons of polls here about girls maybe being stronger than guys. I want to see if t...
getting injections in arm or in butt 2008-09-15
Hi, my name is Theresa and I am 22 years old. I recieved many intramuscular shots in my life. ...
Girls lifting Guys (Boys only) 2009-06-29
Girls lifting Guys (Boys only)
being shirtless 2009-10-26
when you have been shirtless
Birthday Licks 2015-06-01
Its my birthday on Friday, It has been suggested i receive a birthday spanking, do you agree
Whats the best thing about getting slimed/gunged? 2015-06-21
Pick your one favourite part of getting slimed or watching somebody else get slimed.
Teens tickled by Moms 2015-06-21
For teens whos mommys give them tickles!
Ever been in a straitjacket? 2010-04-02
Ever been in a straitjacket?
Do you have a bedtime? 2012-11-26
Do you have a bedtime?
Illusions and the Magician's Assistant 2014-02-07
About illusions involving an assistant.
Foot Tickling 2014-04-14
Just a general poll to get people's opinions on having their feet tickled, or tickling someone's ...
If you could be any age or sex 2001-12-21
If you could somehow magically be either sex, and any age you wanted for as long as you wanted, w...
Decide which sex is superior 2004-07-20
We all know that there are good traits in both genders. Regardless which sex is smarter on averag...
Random Questions About Everything 2004-09-02
This is a questionaire about a lot of different things. It should take you maybe three, four minu...
girls peeing positions 2014-05-19
When im in the bath and i have to pee really bad, but the toliets a ways away, i get on all fours...
Skinny Dipping (Girls) 2015-02-09
Just a general poll about skinny dipping
The New Strip Poker Poll!!! 2005-02-24
The ultimate strip poker poll, please be sure to reply and tell about your experiences!
Pe freeballing/going commando 2013-10-23
Do you/have you?
Decide on My Punishment 2014-04-07
Decide on My Punishment
Tied up and what happens after 2014-12-16
I'm a 21 year old girl who likes to be tied up. If you were to be the one to tie me up, what all ...