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Ticklish? 2003-02-19
i am 16 and i LOVE tickling! I've read a lot of the other tickling polls and tried to ask things ...
What's Wrong With Littering 2006-03-22
Hi Im Candice.I am 29,divorced and have a 9 year old daughter.My daughter and I are usualy very b...
being shirtless 2009-10-26
when you have been shirtless
Locker Room Showers 2009-11-10
Locker Room Showers
Parking Lot Peeing 2010-02-04
Peeing emergency in parking lot. Sometimes people are caught short and I am interested who (age ...
Naked 2011-03-22
My nine year old friend nick and I went to our local mall last summer. When we went, I was fully ...
Socks 'n' Secrets (Boys) 2011-05-26
About the sock wearing habits of (expecially teen) boys
Tickling Fetish (Girls Only) 2013-07-15
Girls with tickle fetish or just like to tickle or be tickled welcome!
Skinny Dipping (Girls) 2015-02-09
Just a general poll about skinny dipping
diaper punishment 2016-11-17
when I was a little boy my mom would put me in diaper as a punishment. I was just wondering if o...
sagging pants 2009-06-17
I want to see how guys like to sag their pants.
Camp 2011-03-22
At day camp, the counselors where pretty liberal. Most of us guys went naked untill about 10. We ...
what whould you do? 2013-03-25
Questions about nudity
Alternatives to prison and fines ( females only ! ) 2015-03-30
Here are some alternatives to serving time in prison or to paying big fines. What is your openio...
Physical exam experiences while growing up 2015-07-10
By today's standards, there was less privacy for me whenever I got medical check-ups as a kid.
Brotherly tickling 2015-07-22
This was a poll that my little brother (11) wanted me to make because he lost a bet. He said that...
wet clothes 2009-04-27
i love to get wet in all kinds of ways. i am wondering who else out their likes to get wet.
What kinda underwear do you wear 2010-03-09
What kinda underwear do you wear
Lost a bet to my boyfriend - how should I be humiliated? 2013-08-19
I lost a bet with my boyfriend and he wants to humiliate me as much as possible over the course o...
Locker room (girls) 2013-12-26
Just a general poll about locker rooms
Tied up and what happens after 2014-12-16
I'm a 21 year old girl who likes to be tied up. If you were to be the one to tie me up, what all ...
Birthday Licks 2015-06-01
Its my birthday on Friday, It has been suggested i receive a birthday spanking, do you agree
Strong girls (girls only!!) 2003-02-07
This poll is about female strength. Many people think that girls are weaker than boys, but someti...
Skirts, dresses, trousers at work 2003-06-30
This is about female dress codes at work. This poll is for FEMALES only.
Bare feet for boys 2009-06-12
I was wondering if boys like bare feet in general.