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What are some good punishments? 2015-07-23
I am a teenage girl and There are things below I do on a regular basis that I feel are bad enough...
butt pluggs 2016-11-17
a while back my wife started to make me use a butt plug. I was just wondering if any other guys ...
Kids and Pajamas 2004-11-22
Pajamas are a peculiar adornment of childhood. For me, wearing pajamas recalls placid Saturday m...
Decide on My Punishment 2014-04-07
Decide on My Punishment
Foot Tickling 2014-04-14
Just a general poll to get people's opinions on having their feet tickled, or tickling someone's ...
Naked at a Party 2014-10-26
This is a poll about going to parties naked.
Skinny Dipping (Girls) 2015-02-09
Just a general poll about skinny dipping
have you ever peed/pooped your pants 2015-08-13
This is my first quiz be nice hope you enjoyed forget about the spelling errors if any if there a...
Have You Ever been To A Nude Beach 2016-10-04
Well, have you been to one?
Decide which sex is superior 2004-07-20
We all know that there are good traits in both genders. Regardless which sex is smarter on averag...
The New Strip Poker Poll!!! 2005-02-24
The ultimate strip poker poll, please be sure to reply and tell about your experiences!
Smacking in public 2009-08-05
The aim of this poll is two fold. Firstly I want to see whether people think it is appropriate to...
Tickling Fetish (Girls Only) 2013-07-15
Girls with tickle fetish or just like to tickle or be tickled welcome!
Pe freeballing/going commando 2013-10-23
Do you/have you?
Physical exam experiences while growing up 2015-07-10
By today's standards, there was less privacy for me whenever I got medical check-ups as a kid.
For those who want to be, but have never been tickled 2015-12-15
Unfortunately, some people who think they love being tickled have never truly experienced ticklin...
A babysitter that wont be able to sit! 2014-05-27
Hi I'm Sara! Last night i babysat my neighbors 9&7 year old. After i put them to bed i fell a...
Blindfolded at the Dentist 2007-02-05
There have been more and more dentists offering blindfolds or sleepmasks to their patients recent...
Girls who smoke cigarettes 2008-10-07
Please I'm really interested in girls only. I don't care what your age is -- but I do care if yo...
Underwear Poll For Guys 2009-01-17
What kind of underwear are guys wearing nowadays? Just for fun, let's see what's most common and...
wet clothes 2009-04-27
i love to get wet in all kinds of ways. i am wondering who else out their likes to get wet.
babysitting 2012-03-14
Tied up and what happens after 2014-12-16
I'm a 21 year old girl who likes to be tied up. If you were to be the one to tie me up, what all ...
Birthday Licks 2015-06-01
Its my birthday on Friday, It has been suggested i receive a birthday spanking, do you agree
Teens tickled by Moms 2015-06-21
For teens whos mommys give them tickles!