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Airport Security and Kids 2008-09-14
I am interested in finding experiences of parents as to how their kids responded to airport secur...
Ever been in a straitjacket? 2010-04-02
Ever been in a straitjacket?
Locker room (girls) 2013-12-26
Just a general poll about locker rooms
How would you run a Prison? 2013-12-31
If you had to run a prison for both Male and Female inmates, how would you do it?
Tickle Torture 2003-07-16
everyone knows about the fun way of entertaining you and your mates or family; tickling! But have...
Random Questions About Everything 2004-09-02
This is a questionaire about a lot of different things. It should take you maybe three, four minu...
Nudity at the Beach 2010-06-28
Nudity at the Beach
Do not lie. 2013-05-13
I am going to ask you some questions, that will not be completely personal, but please do not lie...
retal temperature on an adult 2008-11-18
i have a couple of questions about adult rectal temperatures. if you can answer them that would ...
Parental punishment 2009-10-14
This poll is for parents only please.
Whats the best thing about getting slimed/gunged? 2015-06-21
Pick your one favourite part of getting slimed or watching somebody else get slimed.
Popping Balloons 2004-10-29
Share your balloon popping hobby with others. Please only fill this out if you go out of your wa...
What's Wrong With Littering 2006-03-22
Hi Im Candice.I am 29,divorced and have a 9 year old daughter.My daughter and I are usualy very b...
boys being shirtless? 2011-02-20
I am a 14 year old boy in the U.S. Where I live being shirtless is very uncommon, and because of ...
what whould you do? 2013-03-25
Questions about nudity
Illusions and the Magician's Assistant 2014-02-07
About illusions involving an assistant.
diaper punishment 2016-11-17
when I was a little boy my mom would put me in diaper as a punishment. I was just wondering if o...
Who's Stronger? Girls or Guys? 2007-09-15
There have been tons of polls here about girls maybe being stronger than guys. I want to see if t...
Medical health checks 2014-05-19
If you have annual health checks, or have had them in the past. What exactly did get checked and ...
I know it's over done, but please help me choose my punishment 2015-01-02
I'm a 19 year old female. I'm bordering on failing out of school, since I've come home for winter...
Girls lifting Guys (Boys only) 2009-06-29
Girls lifting Guys (Boys only)
being shirtless 2009-10-26
when you have been shirtless
Locker Room Showers 2009-11-10
Locker Room Showers
bedwetting 2011-02-14
where you ever a bedwetter
Do you have a bedtime? 2012-11-26
Do you have a bedtime?