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Worst City In Canada 2005-01-13
Whats the Worst city in Canada?
Nudity at the Beach 2010-06-28
Nudity at the Beach
Things You've Done Nude 2010-07-28
Things You've Done Nude
College Guys: what goes on in dorm showers. 2014-12-16
This survey is for college guys that live on campus at college.
butt pluggs 2016-11-17
a while back my wife started to make me use a butt plug. I was just wondering if any other guys ...
Shoes lost or stolen 2003-05-14
Hi, is there anybody else out there who had her/his shoes lost or stolen, maybe on a trip or at s...
Would you, or have you posed nude. 2011-06-26
I got some odd results out of another poll regarding photographer preference, and thought it woul...
Pe freeballing/going commando 2013-10-23
Do you/have you?
have you ever peed/pooped your pants 2015-08-13
This is my first quiz be nice hope you enjoyed forget about the spelling errors if any if there a...
What guys wear 2017-02-14
This is just gonna ask what you wear in many different situations that you could find yourself in...
what hurts a guys balls more? 2009-12-12
My friends and I were watching tv and a guy got hit in the groin with a baseball. That led to se...
bedwetting 2011-02-14
where you ever a bedwetter
Wearing boots sockless 2014-07-07
The title explains it.
College guys who live in dorms at college. 2014-12-16
This survey is strictly for guys who live at college and live in the dorms.
What are some good punishments? 2015-07-23
I am a teenage girl and There are things below I do on a regular basis that I feel are bad enough...
What do you cover first...? 2001-12-17
If you wind up naked with an audience - someone bursts in on you in the shower, your swimsuit fal...
Upskirt (girls only) 2003-10-10
Just questions about upskirts
pie in the face 2004-07-19
Pies in faces
Popping Balloons 2004-10-29
Share your balloon popping hobby with others. Please only fill this out if you go out of your wa...
Gender superiority 2012-11-19
Gender superiority
Illusions and the Magician's Assistant 2014-02-07
About illusions involving an assistant.
Medical health checks 2014-05-19
If you have annual health checks, or have had them in the past. What exactly did get checked and ...
Wetting yourself while older 2014-06-30
A poll for people between the ages of 12 and 16 asking if they ever wet themselves between those ...
Who Knows You Are A Nudist? 2015-04-08
As we age (or I age), what once seemed so very important to me, is no longer important or simply ...
A punishment to remember 2016-11-29
A boy, who lives across the street and I skipped school together and, when we were hanging out do...