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Would you, or have you posed nude. 2011-06-26
I got some odd results out of another poll regarding photographer preference, and thought it woul...
Arrest and jail 2012-01-23
Survey of arrests and jail experiences, includes options for those who have not been arrested/sen...
Dare: Getting covered in cow manure 2015-08-13
I used to work on a dairy farm and a friend once dared me to jump into a deep manure pile in just...
Weddings 2016-05-20 (closed)
What do you like women?
Guys doing yardwork shirtless 2007-07-04
Guys, do you prefer to work in the yard shirtless when it's hot out?
Wearing boots sockless 2014-07-07
The title explains it.
Wedgie 2015-07-22
Shoes Off and Barefoot House Rules. 2017-04-14
A poll about the rules on the wearing of footwear by members of your household and guests. Ple...
Draft Board Physical Exams, Military Group Medical Exams 2002-03-20
Every American Male over 50, no doubt has vivid memories of the mandatory draft board pre-inducti...
Merchandise 2002-11-15
Merchandise poll
Camp 2011-03-22
At day camp, the counselors where pretty liberal. Most of us guys went naked untill about 10. We ...
Wetting yourself while older 2014-06-30
A poll for people between the ages of 12 and 16 asking if they ever wet themselves between those ...
Going barefoot at school 2014-07-07
Title explains it
Guys - Ever been caught or exposed in your underwear? 2017-03-12
Guys have you ever been caught or exposed in your undies?
Enemas and You 2002-04-22
Personal enema usage from childhood to the present
Teen Guys: Physical Examinations 2009-08-31
Teen Guys: Physical Examinations
For Men: Female Authority Figures 2003-08-19
Males have traditionally dominated in our society. But now that women are rising to the top, it h...
GUNGE! 2005-02-04
Are you mad about gunge? Love being gunged? Well go and answer this poll all about gunge!
College Guys: what goes on in dorm showers. 2014-12-16
This survey is for college guys that live on campus at college.
Foot fetish 2014-05-05
This poll is foot fetish related with scenarios. WARNING! contains questions about morgues and de...
have you pooped your pants 2015-08-13
have you pooped your pants
Did you ever shoplift ? ( FEMALES ONLY ! ) 2015-08-28
Ladies, did you ever shoplift ? I wanted to learn more of what are the primary motivations behi...
Strong girls (girls only!!) 2003-02-07
This poll is about female strength. Many people think that girls are weaker than boys, but someti...
Do you use nappies? 2003-07-08
If you use nappies, for your children or yourself what type do you use?
Ever been in a straitjacket? 2010-04-02
Ever been in a straitjacket?