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Punishment For Child Pornography 2006-03-17
What should the punishment for anyone who has been caught with child porn be? (if a punishment sh...
Who's Stronger? Girls or Guys? 2007-09-15
There have been tons of polls here about girls maybe being stronger than guys. I want to see if t...
losing shoes (guys only) 2011-01-06
This is a poll specifically for guys who have lost shoes or have gotten them stolen.
My girlfriend started smoking... 2011-09-27
My girlfriend and I are both in our mid-20's. She started a new job a few months ago, and is doi...
babysitting 2012-03-14
Did you ever shoplift ? ( FEMALES ONLY ! ) 2015-08-28
Ladies, did you ever shoplift ? I wanted to learn more of what are the primary motivations behi...
Guys - Ever been caught or exposed in your underwear? 2017-03-12
Guys have you ever been caught or exposed in your undies?
Shoes Off and Barefoot House Rules. 2017-04-14
A poll about the rules on the wearing of footwear by members of your household and guests. Ple...
Forfeits (boys/men only) 2005-04-18
This poll for boys/men will look at forfeits which people have had to do as a result of having do...
Arrest and jail 2012-01-23
Survey of arrests and jail experiences, includes options for those who have not been arrested/sen...
Do not lie. 2013-05-13
I am going to ask you some questions, that will not be completely personal, but please do not lie...
Should women be handcuffed when arrested ? 2016-07-24
I am looking for the opinions and thoughts of both men and women, for the situations or circum...
Enemas and You 2002-04-22
Personal enema usage from childhood to the present
What does your son/s wear to bed; pajamas, nightshirt, unnderwear, nothing?
Shoes lost or stolen 2003-05-14
Hi, is there anybody else out there who had her/his shoes lost or stolen, maybe on a trip or at s...
Tickle Torture 2003-07-16
everyone knows about the fun way of entertaining you and your mates or family; tickling! But have...
Another self-bondage session 2014-11-24
Thanks for clicking my poll. I've done a first session of self-bondage using instructions given b...
WWE Divas Messy 2016-08-01
WWE Divas Messy
Draft Board Physical Exams, Military Group Medical Exams 2002-03-20
Every American Male over 50, no doubt has vivid memories of the mandatory draft board pre-inducti...
Things You've Done Nude 2010-07-28
Things You've Done Nude
woman vs boy armwrestling 2014-10-26
Who do you think would win in an arm wrestle between a average 12-14 y.o boy and a average woman ...
Wedgie War 2012-03-19
Me and my friend are going to have a wedgie war. These questions are just some ideas as to what w...
Pe freeballing/going commando 2013-10-23
Do you/have you?
Little accidents 2014-02-07
Little accidents
What are some good punishments? 2015-07-23
I am a teenage girl and There are things below I do on a regular basis that I feel are bad enough...