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guys who lose their shoes 2012-03-20
A poll for guys who've either lost a shoe or shoes or had them stolen
Guys: Being completely naked around other guys. 2014-01-17
This survey is only for guys that love being naked around other guys.
What do you cover first...? 2001-12-17
If you wind up naked with an audience - someone bursts in on you in the shower, your swimsuit fal...
(WOMEN ONLY!) Adult Women Smokers, Do You Like Cigarettes? 2005-03-07
This survey is for women who have smoked for more than two years and are over the age of 14. Tha...
Family Smoke 2012-02-22
Family Smoke
Spanking 2012-02-22
Gender superiority 2012-11-19
Gender superiority
Porta-potties (guys only) 2015-03-02
this poll has a few questions about how you use portapotties. guys only.
what hurts a guys balls more? 2009-12-12
My friends and I were watching tv and a guy got hit in the groin with a baseball. That led to se...
Lost a bet for Halloween ( girls only ) 2010-08-25
I lost a bet with a girl who is a friend of mine, the winner would be able to choose the Hallowee...
Buttoned Up Girl 2015-07-10
Anyone have a thing for girls in fully buttoned up blouses?
Things You've Done Nude 2010-07-28
Things You've Done Nude
Ever lost a shoe? 2011-04-08
Did you ever loose your shoes?
Sleep & Dream Survey! 2005-11-13
A short, confidential sleep and dream survey. Please be honest in your responses!
Teen Guys: Physical Examinations 2009-08-31
Teen Guys: Physical Examinations
girls vs boy armwrestling 2003-10-20
A lot of grils and boys armwrestle, and you ?
boy in girls clothes punishment 2010-01-14
boy in girls clothes punishment
Barefoot In Public Places 2013-08-27
Barefoot In Public Places
School punishment preferrences 2015-06-01
Imagine that your school and parents use punishments like detention,kneeling,standing in corner,c...
Would you, or have you posed nude. 2011-06-26
I got some odd results out of another poll regarding photographer preference, and thought it woul...
Tickle Tickle Tickle 2012-02-27
If you are a ticklee or have ever been tickled...
you would like punish a teenage boy forcing him to wear skirts (females only) 2012-03-15
you would like punish a teenage boy who enjoys humiliating teen girls in the belief that the...
Guys doing yardwork shirtless 2007-07-04
Guys, do you prefer to work in the yard shirtless when it's hot out?
Guys Only: How many pairs of underwear do you own...if any? 2015-01-13
This survey is only for guys.
Dare: Getting covered in cow manure 2015-08-13
I used to work on a dairy farm and a friend once dared me to jump into a deep manure pile in just...