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If you really need to pee, take this poll 2010-07-08
If you really need to pee, take this poll
Pee holding poll 2014-07-08
Take if you need to pee and hold it in as long as possible!
Teenage boys clothing 2009-06-19
What do teenage guys like to wear?
Do you have to wear a diaper when you go on vacation? 2014-11-04
Do you have to wear a diaper when you go on vacation?
The WORST Bad Baby Names of 2005! 2006-01-04
Welcome to my second annual WORST NAMES OF THE YEAR poll! Each of the names listed below is a...
Male fitness and strength (or lack thereof) 2003-06-30
Many guys in the West and especially the USA are getting very unfit and out of shape. This poll i...
Your own female chain gang 2010-02-04
You are in charge of your own chain gang of female prisoners. You get to decide when they wake up...
barefeet tickle torture 2003-05-14
do you enjoy tickle torture especially on your barefeet
Teen Guy Gunge 2002-12-18
Hello, i'm a fellow gunger. Answer a few questions for me, please. I'd hate to have to pie you!:)
What does your son/s wear to bed; pajamas, nightshirt, unnderwear, nothing?
Popping Inflatables 2004-10-29
Tell us about your interests in popping pool toys and other inflatables. Don't forget to post co...
Winter vs. Summer 2001-12-13
Now everyone knows that Winter and Summer are the best seasons of the year...but which is better?...
Favorite color 2001-09-29
This poll is fast and easy..so try it and find out!
Pick a number between 1 and 100! 2009-08-31
Look away from the screen before you pick. Then, scroll down and look for the number you chose. D...
why are we fascinated by spanking? 2003-11-15
I have noticed a lot of polls both here and on other sites, and I was wondering who and why we al...
Random Questions About Everything 2004-09-02
This is a questionaire about a lot of different things. It should take you maybe three, four minu...
gunging only boys please!! 2003-12-17
welcome to my poll please answer the following questions about being gunged thank you PLEASE EM...
if you punish a boy to wear a skirt as punishment 2009-12-04
which of these would you choose ?
Bladder control 2010-07-05
How good can you control your bladder?
Still wetting the bed after after all these years? 2003-11-24
I am interested in those who have endured a bedwetting problem as a child that has persisted thro...
I'm near 20 and have (much) earlier bedtimes than my two younger half-sisters (13 and 11). My mot...
Boxers or Briefs?(and other questions) 2002-04-09
A few important questions
GIRLS - For those of you that get natural wedgies 2002-04-25
Hello-I'm looking to hear about your reactions and feelings on getting wedgies (excluding thongs!)
Teen Speedos 2008-05-30
Teen Speedos
Miss Universal World - People Choice 2010-01-28 (closed)
Vote your top 3 candidates!