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Giantess Poll (Women Only!) 2010-11-19
Tell us about becoming a sexy, powerful Giantess! (Note that some questions allow more than one a...
Peeing yourself 2013-06-10
On all of my other polls on this subject, when i asked if I should make another one, the main ans...
Peeing yourself at the beach....or not. 2013-05-13
Girls only belching quiz 2010-08-23
I am a belcher myself and proUd of it! I wanna see the habbits of other girls. Belching is rlly f...
Girls Bullying Boys 2002-01-23
Growing up, I was really nasty to the neighborhood boys. My friends and I used to find very crea...
White Population Decline 2005-12-09
I just found out the world's white population is dropping fast. I really had no idea until I star...
I will make you wet your pants.
Summer Mapping Contest '10 2010-08-07 (closed)
Vote for your favourite map! You can find all maps here! http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p...
Spanked By Parents, Friends, Others and asking for a spanking [GIRLS ONLY] 2015-02-09
This poll is to figure out how many girls [21 and younger] were spanked and asked someone to span...
Guys ear lobe piercing 2003-11-22
Some of you may think this poll is silly/obsolete. Well, unfortunately we do have some prejudice ...
[High School] guys, their appeal, fantasies and sex! 2006-02-07
So, what kinda guys get your hormones running crazy?
Diapered teens and their parents 2014-03-03
Hi i wanna know if you are a teenager who still needs diapers how your parents treats you
Laundromat Attire (Underwear and Nude Experiences?) 2006-07-25
I am blessed with a working washer and drier so don't have to go to the laundromat though that wi...
How spankings should be administered 2013-05-20
Survey of views on how to administer spankings and other corporal punishment.
Underwear and Wedgie Poll 2010-01-29 (closed)
What is your underwear preference and some wedgie questions :)
child abuse survey 2006-04-30
k so this is a survey that i have to do for history and its about child abuse and people knowledg...
Vampires vs. Werewolves 2009-11-10
For the sake of this poll, these are the rules:<br><br> Vampires:<br> Move at ...
(Girls Only) Belly Stuffing 2012-06-08
For girls, describe yourself and your body and how you like stuffing your belly.
Odd Questions for You 2005-06-09
These questions are ones you would be confused or sometimes braindead to answer...
Doctor Exam 2007-12-06
Your Physical Exam
Nike VS Adidas 2003-06-18
Whats a better brand?
Draft Board Physical Exams, Military Group Medical Exams 2002-03-20
Every American Male over 50, no doubt has vivid memories of the mandatory draft board pre-inducti...
Ear piercing for boys - Boys under 17 Only 2005-12-26
What do you think about boys wearring earrigs?
Do you go barefoot at a friend's house? 2002-04-09
Many people like to get comfortable and take their shoes and/or socks off at a friend's house. Do...
The Redneck Test 2006-05-06
See how much of a redneck you are.