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Is the Maliniak Method effective for reducing or reversing hairloss? 2014-07-07
Have you personally used the "Maliniak Method" to treat hairloss/ If so please report ...
your zombie to do list 2014-08-05
your zombie to do list
laying/sitting on a girls soft flat stomach 2014-08-13
I just have that fetish...I'm not a heavy guy either lol. Does any female out there enjoy this ...
Link between Horror and Comedy 2014-10-09 (closed)
I'm a university freshman studying what factors make horror media funny. The survey is 17 questi...
Top holiday for 2015 2015-01-13
Top holiday for 2015
Number 13 2015-02-09
I'd like to find out more about people who live at number 13, or on the 13th floor.
Guess the weight! 2015-02-20 (closed)
Baby Greysen will be born on or before April 27th 2015. Now what you are enlisted to do is take p...
Are You THAT Good? 2015-03-30
Is your marketing plan working? Are you that good that you don't need help? Find Out Now!
oh no, not another anglo-indian semi-final! 2016-04-22
a fierce battle! have these girls never heard of mahatma gandhi?
Has an old lady you didn't know tickled your tummy? <girls only> 2016-04-23
Has an old lady you didn't know tickled your tummy? <girls only>
idea help 2016-05-07
help me get ideas for quizzes.
New Random Things 3 2016-06-13
Totally Random Things
Your favorite OC 2016-06-19
Which of my ocs is your favorite
Dyscalculia, what help do you / did you get ? 2016-07-22
Among various other disabilities, I have Dyscalculia. I received no help with this and a result ...
Which of these women you would be ? ( females only ) 2016-08-18
If you could choose, which of these women you would be ( females only )
New Random Things 6 2017-02-14
Totally Random Things
Male Hiring Managers 2017-02-15
Do you take proper action to hire new employees?
What should my writing punishment be 2017-11-16 (closed)
I've been very disrespectful and rude to people. I also say inappropriate things.
Kids haveng their brother or sister a swimming race fully clothed 2018-10-11
To find out how many kids would have thier brother or sister a swimming race fully clothed in the...
Vomit poll 2021-02-11
Everything to do with vomit.
I need to change the chair 2021-12-09
Hey guys. Because of my constant homework, I'm almost tied to my desk. My back has started to hur...
Armpit Farts 2022-01-04
A poll about armpit farts, because who doesn't want to know more about armpit farts? :P
Crime conscience 2022-01-04
This poll is designed to determine the general public's attitudes towards reporting crime and con...