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Weedwacking weeds is mean 2014-06-02
This is a poll for those who feel bad for weeds to discuss how they feel. If you don't feel bad f...
battles 2014-06-23
McLaren P1 or Porsche 918 2014-07-07
One question, which is the best?
Su opinion sobre www.margaritamia.com alquileres vacacionales en Margarita
Will a nerdy female give reactions for my novel about a geek at a NUDIST resort? 2015-03-23
Bonnie was always a total bookworm. 20 year old Straight-A student. Standing at 5'0, although she...
Dissatisfied Wal-Mart Shopper 2015-03-30
Unhappy with not being informed of Wal-Marts Policy before purchase of item.
Family Law Lawyer Fairfax, VA 2015-05-04
Family Law Lawyer Fairfax, VA
Psych in school 2015-05-04
This poll is to get feedback for a school project. I want to touch on how the government can use ...
Head banging 2015-05-04
I was in a bar a couple of weeks ago, and two guys started fighting. This female bouncer came ov...
My holidays 2015-09-14
I take Saturday, Sunday, New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving D...
Tickling Fantasy (fiction) 2016-02-04
This poll will ask questions to guide you and give you ideas to describe your tickling fantasy.
Study of Southeast U.S. Culture 2016-05-08
This poll is only open to individuals who have resided for 10 years or more in one of the followi...
New Random Things 5 2016-07-20
Totally Random Things
Jersey Tourism 2016-08-03
Jersey, As a holiday destination has so many things to see and do including spectacular scenery, ...
is halloween popular anymore in your area 2016-08-10
I know we still have awhile to go before Halloween and I am creating this poll to see if it is st...
Do you like the smell of smoke on your breath and clothes? 2017-10-06
Do you like to smoke of cigarette smoke? Do you ever get told that your clothes and breath stink ...
parents taking part in an experiment were their kids are concerned 2018-10-11
To find out how many parents think their kids would get in the bath or shower fully clothed in th...
What Is Brujeria? 2001-05-16
If I get too into details here, I'll spoil the fun of the poll. But essentially the title of the...
Banning 2001-11-09
Those who were ban today
Abby's Junkyard 2002-07-19
CATS The Musical
24 hour automotive repair 2002-10-09
I am soliciting input as to whether the general public would be interested in having automotive r...
7 -Aussies only 2003-01-27
How does the seven network claw back lost ground?
A neverending story 2003-08-13
I've got a great idea. I'll post some stories here, and then I'll let you guys vote on how the st...
5-Man: The Poll! 2003-09-08
If you're a fan of 5-Man, then this is the poll for you! (That probably means this isn't the poll...
Wallys Poll 2004-02-11
You will vote on all subjects!