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Which cereal is gayer, Start or Weetabix 2004-06-07
Just a minor fued of which cereal is gayer, start or Weetabix
NYCPlaywrights Poll 2004-08-03
Theatre-oriented questions for people on the NYCPlaywrights mailing list
What's your favorite basic kata? 2004-08-14
What's your favorite basic kata?
What do you think about tire to energy facilities? 2004-09-25
Many cement kilns, paper mills, and some energy generating plants burn scrap tires for energy (of...
Worker Strikes 2005-01-07
I have created this poll to conduct research about people's opinion on worker strikes.It would...
Chip and Pin 2005-08-03
Investigation into the chip and pin payment service and the impact it has had upon the users of t...
American Education 2005-08-31
If you are a foreign student who has studied or is currently studying in the United States in a P...
Golden Sheep Awards 3 2005-10-10
Here you can vote in the 3rd Annual Golden Sheep Awards. Have fun!
UK Property Poll 2006-09-21
This poll is designed to compare fears with fact in the UK Property market, and to find out what ...
Name for Specialty-Infusion Pharmacy Service 2007-01-10
I am starting a Specialty-Infusion Pharmacy Service. I am interested in your opinion regarding s...
Answering Machine 2007-03-01
I was just wondering how many rings people have on their phones before their answering machine co...
Necessities of foreigners 2007-06-04
The following poll is used for educational and studying purposes. Our foreign introduction webpag...
Aug Kimbly comic print. 2007-09-10
Which Silent Kimbly August comic do you want as a print?
The search for the perfect Sandal 2008-06-22 (closed)
what story here do u like best? 2008-08-05 (closed)
two of my true stores that changed my life asking what one do u like best me i am thankful to bot...
Ways to Raise Money 2008-08-30 (closed)
This Poll Helps us raise money For different fundraisers. You pick an answer that you think is go...
MultiVitamin 2008-09-06 (closed)
I am considering taking multivitamins but I have read a lot of positive and negative articles on ...
White gold or yellow gold? 2008-09-20 (closed)
Let us know which colour of gold you prefer more.
GFE What You Want Poll 2008-10-20
Gray Family Entertainment hopes to become one of America's largest and most recognized entertainm...
The polls of polls 2008-10-26 (closed)
Coping with illiteracy 2008-11-03
I am trying to investigate how those people who are completely illiterate cope with every day sit...
Random Questions 2008-11-21 (closed)
This is just a fun and interesting pack of questions that has just been opened and is being delt....
Random and Fun 2008-11-23 (closed)
I filled this with true or false, fill in the blank . . . bla bla bla Just do it and you'll ...
Greeting Cards 2008-12-12 (closed)
I would like to know your thoughts about greeting cards. Please take a minute to complete this poll.
Which one do you like better : Music or Television 2009-01-23 (closed)
Which one do you like better : Music or Television