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have you ever wished you got somthing but didn't 2015-08-13
have you ever wished you got somthing but didn't
Has an old lady you didn't know tickled your tummy? (girls only) 2015-11-18
Has an old lady you didn't know tickled your tummy? (girls only)
Should I learn French? 2015-11-19
Yeah or Nope
what would you do ? ( LADIES ONLY ) 2016-02-13
you are the owner of a women's clothing store and also a witch,and angry about the infidelities o...
New Random Things 1 2016-05-10
Totally Random Things
New Random Things 2 2016-05-23
Totally Random Things
American Money 2016-06-13
American Money
Adult Babies, Diaper Lovers, Teen Babies, Autism and Emotions. 2016-07-20
This poll is aimed at Infantilists who have Autism, Teen Babies are welcome. The Goal of this ...
Self harm 2016-11-29
So this is just a poll to see who has ever self harmed and what happened
Grote schoonmaak Ja of Nee 2017-02-14
Grote schoonmaak Ja of Nee
The terrifyng Ghostly woman 2017-05-06
The terrifyng Ghostly woman? Inside a dark and abandoned mansion ,a man tries to flee in ter...
the yankee drummer and the confederate girls 2018-10-10
If during the American Civil War,you see approaching running towards you to a drum little boy fro...
Tickling 2018-10-10
What makes a lifestyle holistic? 2001-11-24
What makes a lifestyle holistic?
Some things that wore on my mind 2001-12-12
I live in a crazy enchanted world
Guzzi Warped Rotor Poll 2001-12-13
This is a poll to find out how many late model Guzzi's have had warped rotors or have had them re...
Job Search Poll 2002-03-11
How is your job search experience going? How can we assit you in it?
Tony Awards 2002 2002-06-02
Vote for who you think will win this year's Tony Awards. Let's see if your predictions come true....
Survivor meets James Bond 2002-06-18
This Game is just like Survivor- only with the characters from James Bond The person with the mo...
Scones, Anyone? 2002-12-03
Public security is an issue. But that's not what this is about.
Active Worlds Teen Restoration 2003-06-17
Yup, we need help, alot of it, awteen is goign into the pits, mostly gz, but alot of land belogns...
XanGo Poll 2003-11-24
This poll is to find out your true opinion regarding XanGo, health beverages in general, and Mult...
Favorite Fish 2003-12-04
Choose your favorite fish.
to dock or not?- 2004-01-28
In Australia politicans are interfering with the rights of breeders to perform traditional animal...