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How far have I evolved? 2010-11-19 (closed)
How far have I evolved?
Spit-wash. 2011-03-03 (closed)
Are you happy? 2011-03-03 (closed)
I have the blues and just wonder if I am alone with this..
Selecting an Attorney 2011-03-12
Most attorneys advertise in yellow pages with full page color ads. Others have their name and num...
what can give you good luck? 2011-04-05
what can give you good luck?
Assetz Homes 2011-05-12
Assetz Homes
Colleges 2011-08-06
These r Christian colleges!
High Streets or shopping centres? 2011-09-27 (closed)
High Streets or shopping centres?
Which do you more effective? 2011-10-27 (closed)
Handheld can opener, automatic can opener, or both
Banks in London 2011-11-29 (closed)
Banks in London
Who is your favorite seth macfarlane character 2011-12-05 (closed)
Who is your favorite character made by seth macfarlane
What is the most you would pay for a shopping cart that goes in your trunk? 2012-01-12
You would be able to go shopping, have your cart filled with groceries, and slide it into your tr...
Nokia N9 or Lumia 800? 2012-01-30
Which is better or more favorable with the public? they look almost identical
Money or Dreams 2012-01-30
Life can be about surviving or it can be about your dreams.
whos Graph to pick for Packet 2 2012-02-07
whos Graph to pick for Packet 2
Flying wing aircraft 2012-02-15
Would you be willing to sit far away from a window.
Real Steal: Best Robot 2012-03-02
Real Steal: Best Robot
Silent or Live Auction 2012-03-02 (closed)
Would you bid more with a "Silent" or "Live" auction?
Would you step up to the plate? 2012-03-23
Would America be willing to help our youth even if they didn't know exactly who they were helping...
Which Divan Bed will suit Guest Room? 2012-04-23
I am confused as of which Divan Bed will fit the most for the Guest room.
Do we need more trees in King's county California? 2012-05-18
1,000 trees is pretty much a drop in the bucket on a global scale, but every little bit helps. ...
HamfestIndia2012 2012-06-20 (closed)
This is a poll to select the date for the oncoming Ham Radio Mega Event in India, HamfestIndia 2012
Re-Spelling English: Silent Letters or Accent Marks 2012-08-27
There are 14 vowel sounds in English but only 5 vowel letters in the familiar alphabet. Any atte...
Glasgow uni dissertation project - mountain bikers Vs hill walkers 2012-09-04
I am a geography student from the University of Glasgow conducting a study for an Honours Geograp...
Carnivorous Plant Questionnaire (UK only) 2012-09-10
Anyone can answer but I'd prefer it if it were only people from the UK.