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Should December 7th become national Monster Cable day? 2003-10-28
I want to get some support to declare December 7th National Monster cable day! This would be a st...
NYC Subways 2003-11-04
I am a college student working on a research paper regarding the NYC Subway system. This poll wi...
WDI MEMBERS ONLY- what site do you like better 2003-11-15
the geocites one or freewebs one? the majority of you select will become the periment site for WDI.
to dock or not?- 2004-01-28
In Australia politicans are interfering with the rights of breeders to perform traditional animal...
Who is this man? 2004-02-02
Study this man's face, and then vote on who you think he is. Is he good or evil, satan or saint? ...
Competition for Air Canada 2004-02-02
Have you had a bad experience with Air Canada? Tell us what you would like.
Christopher Brookmyre's novels 2004-02-11
I am trying to build up an accurate picture of the people who like (or have read just one of) his...
JOBS 2004-02-14
SS Poll-Songs and Artists 2004-02-28
Hi! Welcome to the ss poll to vote for which artist you like the most! We wanna see which artist ...
Obesity: A Threat to the World 2004-04-28
This poll contains questions about obesity.
Reading iz Fundemental 2004-05-23
"Is reading important in your life?"
Biz Success 2004-07-19
How can you make your business a success? What you know (or don't know) can make all the difference!
Lawntool Fun 2004-08-05
Everyone loves 'em, but which would you rather use?
J-14 2004-08-13
im just wondering
Whos Hotter??
Thanksgiving Day 2004 for World Peace 2004-11-28
How thankful would I be for World Peace?
Financial cost for the therapy of type II diabetes 2004-12-09
The valuation of the financial cost for the therapy and regulation of type II diabetes for which ...
Burning issues applying ethics at work 2005-01-14
Our ideals drive us to apply ethical behaviours in our workplace but we often encounter barriers ...
Meism: The Totemic niche 2005-02-04
A Self-Philosophical Assessment
Random Things 4 2005-04-16
Totally Random things
Say No With Understanding 2005-05-31
Do you agree that the buzz phrase SAY NO TO DRUGS is ineffective if left alone, unsupported by ac...
Pressured to Succeed? 2005-12-17
This poll is to determine the degree of pressure people feel to succeed and factors causing that ...
labels 2006-02-22
Space Saver Bags 2006-03-04
I was just wondering if any of you have used space saver bags, and if so what was your experience?
What do you use address labels for 2006-03-07
This is a poll about address labels and how you use <a href="http://www.superiorlabels.c...