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Tickling 2018-10-10
kids swimming fully clothed 2021-08-04
to find out how many kids will go swimming fully clothed
Do banks give loans to students? 2021-09-24
I am a student and now I need to get a loan. Which banks give loans to students?
Keyboarding K-5? 1999-03-15
Many schools struggle with when to teach keyboarding. Should it be taught in 3rd, 4th, 5th, or a...
What did the petshop tell you when you bought your reptile? 2000-02-26
This poll is mainly for water dragon owners but anyone who has purchased a reptile from a pet ...
Toughest 7 & 8oz. Cans 2001-02-03
Vote for what you feel is the toughest 7 or 8 oz. can.
who is more trustworthy? {bailey} 2001-11-11
If you were flying over the saraha desert at 100 mph with crazy canibals at your back holding pit...
Garbage gas 2001-11-22
have you ever smelled something that smelled like garbage but no garbage is around?....
What do you think of "On Becoming Babywise" by Gary Ezzo 2001-11-29
"On Becoming Babywise" has attracted considerable controversy, and yet it remains a pop...
Dancing and clubs 2001-12-13
This poll is to gather information on the night club patrons personal preferences on music, atmos...
Tastee Goodness 2002-01-03
What is your favorite Smoothie?
sports, movies, and music 2002-01-14
favorite, sports, movies, and music
Work from home 2002-01-14
Do you want to be your own boss?
* ~ * How Long Do You Hermit For? * ~ * 2002-02-12
Do you get your moneys worth of hermitting?
Job Search Poll 2002-03-11
How is your job search experience going? How can we assit you in it?
Sprint's ASC Telecom, Inc. Scam Poll 2002-04-14
Just one key off 1 (800) COLLECT® or 1 (800) CALL - ATT® "...could cost your dear ones dea...
Why People Give 2002-04-25
I am doing a journal project for an Anthropology class on why people choose to give money to panh...
Side Show 2002-08-12
This poll is about Side Shows (Freak Shows).
What are we products of..... 2002-09-04
A poll to determine if people think we are products of our biology or our enviroment.
Whats hipper Pigs or Cows? 2002-11-15
uh I don't know I just sorta made this up really.
Immune response - Sarcoidosis 2003-01-22
I currently have Sarcoidosis. My brother has MS. After having a checkup recently, I was wonderi...
TLM strikes again!!! 2003-03-18
Yep. Me again. For those of you who don't know, I am TLM, a pollster who often has too much time ...
What did the petstore tell you when you bought your reptile? 2003-03-20
This poll is an effort to determine if the pet store did a good job informing you of the kind of ...
Why is it important to trace the DNA from cooked beef? 2003-05-01
Why is it important to trace the DNA from cooked beef?
What is the summer media obsession in 2003? 2003-08-18
Last year it was shark attacks, but what is it this year?