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Trident xtra care with recaldent 2009-04-15
i am currently doing a research on the gum called Trident xtra care. Please read the questions ca...
Best Video Production Company Name 2009-05-11
Having trouble deciding on a name for a new video production company and wanted to get some outsi...
Sesame Street : Bert + Ernie 2009-05-14 (closed)
Bert and Ernie's relationship.
Favorite Designer Brand 2009-05-28
Even though not everyone can afford these expensive stores, we all adore one of them from a dista...
5 best sounds 2009-06-03
please list your favorite sounds and why
A Turn on or turn off? 2009-06-12 (closed)
A Turn on or turn off?
English Teachers' Community 2009-06-25
English Teachers' Community
Role of Robots in Society 2009-06-25 (closed)
This poll is intended to get a feel for what the public sees the role of robots in our future
how ticklish are you 2009-06-26 (closed)
how ticklish are you
Is It Time For A Change? 2009-07-21 (closed)
Should I Do Something Different With My Page?
How Much Do you Know Henry? 2009-07-21 (closed)
Lets See How Much You Really Know?
Choosing A Driving School 2009-08-03 (closed)
What are the most important factors to you when choosing a driving school.
random stuff 2009-09-23
this is just cause im bored and havent made a new 1 in awhile so i thought id make one
What Is Your Favorite Ed Hardy Hat Style 2009-09-23
What Is Your Favorite Ed Hardy Hat Style
Police and Education 2009-10-02 (closed)
Police and Education
Employee Incentives 2009-10-08 (closed)
I am writing a research paper on monetary and non monetary rewards in the work place.
My story (part 1) 2009-10-14 (closed)
I've been working on a story for a few weeks now. I just need a few ideas. It's a fantasy story, ...
Outing 2009-10-28
Tell us the good place to go for outing.
BEST FORD F150 2009-11-02 (closed)
BRA PROBLEM QUESTIONS 2009-11-29 (closed)
On Demand 2010-01-14
This poll is to find out people's interest on their purchasing needs/wants
Which one would you buy? 2010-01-29 (closed)
Which would you buy? A cell phone case for $19.99 that currently costs $34.95 in retail stores or...
Janis Doubted that Ned Is Crazy 2010-03-09
I'm a non-native speaker. The interpretation of the standalone sentence "Janis Doubted that ...
Quote of the Day 2010-03-21
Stupid or funny stuff said by me and my friends.
Do suits make people look weak? 2010-03-24 (closed)
Well we have all heard that wareing a suit makes you weak or gay. Well I want your vote to see ju...