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I Wonder What............ 2004-02-28
This poll is to help determine us in what direction we should be leaning towards so that we may p...
HARRY POTTER 2004-03-16
This is a poll for adults age 18 and over. This poll is designed to help gather statistics concer...
Education Problems 2004-04-06
Please, answer this poll honestly. For those of you who don't know, this is For Mr. Burrells' Acc...
Stuff 2004-04-24
What things du the public like?
$ Cuts in Schools has a BAD effect!!! 2004-04-30
This is about how you personally feel about the budget cuts in schools and how you or people you ...
blank 2004-05-23
VOTE HERE 2004-08-29
How much did you spend on your digital camera?
Medication Quiz 2004-08-30
I'm gathering information for a TOP SECRET PROJECT. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Pl...
The Greatest DCD Figure of all time ROUND TWO 2004-10-12
It's the qualifier round for the Greatest DCD Figure of all time! It's figure versus figure versu...
North Dakota 2004-11-28
What do you think about this state?
Strongest Character Ever Created Tournament Nominations Pt 9 2005-01-09
If These Characters Entered a ring and fought who would be the last 5 standing
Random Things 2005-01-09
Totally Random Things
Here are a few questions about the thing we all do. WORK
xanga 2005-02-08
about xanga.com
JGP 2005-06-09
plastic polution
What areThe Best Designer Clothes 2005-09-02
It is about Choosing Which Designer clothes pepole like e.g Phat Farm, Rocawear e.t.c
Best Quote Category. 2005-10-24
Best Quote Category.
Alternative Bilingual Education Models 2005-12-09
School districts face a significant challange in providing effective programs for the increasing ...
Outwar Graphics Designers 2005-12-17
choose the best graphics maker on any server, u can pick as many as you'd like. please make your ...
colors of address labels 2006-02-15
This a poll about <a href="http://www.superiorlabels.com">address labels</a>...
Student Finance/Hand Held Communication Device 2006-03-11
A product that will help students leaving home for the first time to manage their financial affai...
Over The Counter Antacids 2006-03-13
This information is for Brandon's Science Fair Project, which is due on Tuesday. Please pass the...
Drivers ed thing ? 2006-04-13
questions about stuff pre license/drivers ed
Your Information sources 2006-06-06
This Poll is for an undergraduate research topic on information sources - I would appreciate you ...
For ya all Tiffany lovers! 2006-07-01
This is a survey for all of you who loves Tiffany stuffs(necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc)