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boys vs. younger girls who are stronger 2003-05-07
hi this is a poll about figths between boys and girls who are younger but pretty stronger
girls wrestling boys 2001-05-18
Can girls beat boys in wrestling, play fighting?
What should a male Maid of Honor wear in a wedding? 2001-12-31
My girlfriend has chosen a boy to be her Maid of Honor. We think we want him to be dressed just l...
Corner Time As A Punishment At Home (Standing In The Corner) 2007-01-03
I do understand that Corner Time (Standing in the corner) can be a good punishment at home for ki...
Girls lifting boys 2007-11-29
Tickle Mania 2002-09-25
My friend and I think tickling is VERY fun. We wrote this poll to find out about other people's ...
Girls in men's changing room 2003-08-10
Sometimes single parents will bring children of the opposite sex into the changing room at swimmi...
The worlds best country is....... 2003-05-07
The worlds best city poll seems popular so far. Here is another based on countries.
Girls who wanna be KIDNAPPED!!! Girls Plan Your Dream Kidnapping 2010-08-28
GIRLS! Do you wanna add some excitement to your life? Plan your dream kidnapping that would be f...
GUNGE! 2005-02-04
Are you mad about gunge? Love being gunged? Well go and answer this poll all about gunge!
Are Bugs/Insects animals? 2006-04-07
My friends and I are having an arguement. Maybe you can decide. Are Insects (or "bugs" ...
Would you pee yourself 2 2013-05-13
My previous poll i completely screwed up on. Remember, this poll is not trying to make you pee, j...
weird pee habits (girls only) 2008-10-06
i knew some girls had some weird bathroom habits like the whole hover over the toilet to pee inst...
Do you have to poop? 2010-01-15 (closed)
Do not use the bathroom at all during the poll.
How do you pronounce...? 2004-09-02
This is more or less for those with American and Canadian accents. How do you say the following ...
REAL Marketing info: Men and Boys Underwear Choices 2003-07-25
I'm a marketing student, putting together a plan as a homework project. Please, serious response...
I have to pee! 2008-11-21 (closed)
Do you have to go pee? Lets see how long you can hold on.
Hair Color- Your Favorite 2006-03-20
Guys and gals, tell your preference of hair color for the opposite sex.
going barefoot in public 2004-06-25
A poll for young guys about going barefoot in public. Even if you got here by accident, please r...
I will make you pee your pants 2013-05-06
If you don't want to pee yourself, leave now!
The Greatest City In The World 2003-09-18
Voice your opinon on the greatest cities in the world
The New Strip Poker Poll!!! 2005-02-24
The ultimate strip poker poll, please be sure to reply and tell about your experiences!
Guys wearing flip-flops 2004-01-09
In summertime I always wear flip-flops. I like the way it feels and their sound (flip...flop...fl...
The worst country in the world. 2004-06-27
Ive already know what the worst country in the developed world is but im curious about what you t...
Wedgie story (follow your own path) Guys only 2012-03-02
Wedgie story (follow your own path) Guys only