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What's Wrong With Littering 2006-03-22
Hi Im Candice.I am 29,divorced and have a 9 year old daughter.My daughter and I are usualy very b...
Pre-Teen/Teen Athletic Clothing 2010-04-24
Pre-Teen/Teen Athletic Clothing
Handstand Tickled 2009-07-13
Have you ever been tickled while doing a handstand/headstand? If so, where and how long, and by w...
Fruit of the loom (GUYS ONLY) 2009-09-23
Fruit of the loom (GUYS ONLY)
How would I tickle you? 2014-03-24
I have a poll about how you would tickle me but how would I tickle you? I am a 6ft, 17 year old ...
Ticklish? 2008-06-13
A poll about tickling. Feel free to add ticklish story to the message board
girls,if you got to fight/wrestle a guy you HATED!!! 2009-05-18
this is a poll about how girls feel about beating up a guy they hated
Would you, or have you posed nude. 2011-06-26
I got some odd results out of another poll regarding photographer preference, and thought it woul...
Men and boys tied up naked by other men 2014-11-24
Men and boys tied up naked by other men
Barefoot in college and school 2003-09-02
I have heard that many schools from around the world, including Hawaii, South Africa, etc. allow ...
Camp 2011-03-22
At day camp, the counselors where pretty liberal. Most of us guys went naked untill about 10. We ...
Girls who smoke 2 at once 2008-12-31
I´m a 19 yo girl who really love (when i´m by my own..) to smoke 2 cigarettes at once. Would be...
Have you ever wet the bed at a sleepover? 2014-02-25
Have you ever wet the bed at a sleepover?
Men- do you prefer women in or skirts or trousers? 2003-07-24
MALES ONLY - Do you prefer to see ladies wearing dresses or skirts?
Wrestling Mates 2009-09-24
Wrestling Mates
Kids/Teenagers Clothing 2009-11-01
Things like what you wear and what you wear under it.
what whould you do? 2013-03-25
Questions about nudity
This or That Poll for Girls (Fun/Sexy) 2007-12-06
Choose one or the other in these situations...just for fun
High School gym class. Boys, guys olny. 2010-11-07
High School gym class. Boys, guys olny.
First Mixed Wrestling Experience - Males who lost 2014-08-05
To find out about the feeling and the experience of wrestling the opposite sex for the first time.
Younger Siblings (whadda think about your's?) 2009-11-10
I'm a 13 year old boy and my sister is 11 years old. Usually, she's my very bestest, mostest goo...
How Would You Feminize Me? 2012-04-13
This poll is mainly intended for girls but guys can take part if they want. My girlfriend caught ...
bare feet crazy 2010-11-07
tell me about your bare feet
Girls and Panties (Girls only) 2009-01-03
Girls, what do you love about your panties?
punishing husband for wetting the bed 2013-06-10
my husband keeps wetting the bed and he wears protection at night but i think i am going to take ...