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Teen Girls: Switching From Panties To Thongs 2010-01-14
It seems like more and more teen girls today are wearing thongs instead of panties. This poll is ...
what is the oldest car in the world? 2002-07-07
this poll is about the oldest car in the world AND I KNOW THE ANSER but my friends are trying to ...
do pools have urine detection? 2005-09-14
there are tons of rumors saying that if you pee in most public and some private pools a certain c...
Biggest hanging wedgie 2010-02-26 (closed)
If it aint happened before, dont do this one
Boys who wanna be KIDNAPPED!!! Plan Your Dream Kidnapping 2010-08-28
BOYS! Do you wanna add some excitement to your life? Plan your dream kidnapping that would be fu...
Tickle Tickle Tickle 2012-02-27
If you are a ticklee or have ever been tickled...
Best Fantasy Series 2003-04-09
Which series is the best
boys tickled by girls 2009-07-07
Do you get tickled by girls?
Various underwear questions? MEN ONLY 2010-02-04
Various underwear questions? MEN ONLY
GUY COLLEGE Students in the guys dorm showers. 2009-07-13 (closed)
GUYS: Tell me about your experience, showring in the guys showers in your dorm.
Depend diapers 2009-06-29
This poll deals with URINARY incontinence only
white briefs 2008-06-22 (closed)
I am trying to find out how many boys still wear white briefs, why, why they still wear them. Al...
what boys wear 2009-07-21
This is a poll for boys who go to middle school or high school, or those who know what they wear
Enforcement Of Handcuffs 2002-10-20
How Do you React When You Are Handcuffed By Police?
Attitudes toward the nude human body 2010-05-20
Attitudes toward the nude human body
all about your belly 2009-11-20
a poll with details about your belly, stomach, abdomen, whatever you want to call it
Desperate pee challenge poll 2015-03-23
18s and over, If you need to pee, test yourself by taking this, complete the challenges and let u...
teenage smoking 2005-04-04
this is just a random poll for teenagers.
Female Feet (for adult ladies only!) 2006-01-11
A survey to find out what women think about their feet
Male underwear choices 2015-01-02
Various questions on your underwear preference... Please note it is only for the male half of the...
Embarassing Things 2002-12-03
This poll asks questions about under what circumstances you would do certain embarassing things. ...
Costumes for charity 2004-10-18
This is a poll about what costume-related antics you would participate in for charity. Please ans...
(WOMEN ONLY!) Adult Women Smokers, Do You Like Cigarettes? 2005-03-07
This survey is for women who have smoked for more than two years and are over the age of 14. Tha...
Men, teens, boys: describe the real you 2008-03-08
check the selections that best describe the real you
What's Wrong With Littering 2006-03-22
Hi Im Candice.I am 29,divorced and have a 9 year old daughter.My daughter and I are usualy very b...