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Nudity at the Beach 2010-06-28
Nudity at the Beach
Guys Caught Wearing Panties 2017-04-02
Guys, have you been caught wearing girls undies? What happened?
Luv the sound of spanking in the morning,sounds like victory 2001-07-04
Finally, from the creator of the critically acclaimed (albeit poorly spelled) classic, "Shou...
Male Belly button Fetish 2012-09-14
This a poll for all who are attracted to and love to see the male belly button.
Superhero Madness 2004-06-29
Fight to the death superhero extravaganza. Take into account that nobody has faced or knows anyt...
Boy should be able to dress like girls 2009-09-26
Boy should be able to dress like girls
Bastinado 2003-06-05
In some countries it is a common punishment for children to have their bare feet caned. This is m...
Pepsi vs Coke 2005-02-23
A lot of my friends say that Coke is better than Pepsi. I am here to prove them wrong and to sho...
Peeing togheter with friend - husband (wife) / boyfriend (girlfriend) M & F 2014-02-19
Funny situation when you had to pee "not alone" togheter with a friend of the same sex...
pie in the face 2004-07-19
Pies in faces
Punishment 2015-03-23
My sister would like to ask people how she should punish me. I took all of her clothes including ...
Carmex vs Blistex 2004-01-10
Which lip balm do you think is more sweet.
Female muscle growth (guys only!) 2008-11-30
Female muscle growth (guys only!)
Teen Boy Penis/Genital Checks At Doctor's Office By Male Doctor 2013-09-23
A poll about teen boys getting penis and genital checks by a male doctor during a standard physical.
Need to pee??? GIRLS ONLY! 2017-04-14
At the end you won't!!!
Fun with Hypnosis 2002-01-03
This poll is designed to find out how interested people are in hypnotizing their friends for fun ...
What would you let your daughter wear where? 2002-03-06
I am wonder what type of clothes would you let your daughter wear. Please answer truthfully.
Losing a shoe in public (guys only) 2011-06-26
This is a poll for guys who have lost one shoe in public
Jerking off (guys only) 2014-05-27
Jerking off (guys only)
Spank me for punishment. 2015-05-21
Hi! I have been a very bad girl lately, so I wanted to know how I would be spanked.
MR POLL 2003-08-06
Do you like mr poll?
(GIRLS ONLY) Have you ever lost a catfight? 2008-07-08
Some days ago, it happened to my girlfriend... Now let's talk about your experience...
Socks 'n' Secrets (Boys) 2011-05-26
About the sock wearing habits of (expecially teen) boys
Do you have siblings who wear diapers too? 2014-11-04
I'm Kiara and I'm 13. I have two brothers who are younger than me, my little brothers. They are 6...
Shoes off at the door please 2008-04-03
Shoes off at the door please