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Would you like to be young again 2008-07-08
Would you like to be young again
College Figure Drawing (Life Drawing) Class 2004-11-28
College Figure Drawing (Life Drawing) classes often use a nude model in western countries. Thi...
Girls outmuscling guys 2008-06-17
There has been a lot of discussion lately about women equaling and sometimes overcoming men in sp...
What Would You Dress Me Up As If You Dressed Me As A Girl 2009-05-15
I'm 21 And I Would Like To Know
Footsie- Boys only 2003-12-17
Questions about footsie for boys only!
Guys wearing exercise sandals 2004-03-23
To find out about guys opinions on men wearing wooden exercise sandals such as Dr.Scholl and berk...
Would you change your sex for a while? 2004-07-02
The purpose of this poll is to see whether people are interested in experiencing what it would be...
Guys doing yardwork shirtless 2007-07-04
Guys, do you prefer to work in the yard shirtless when it's hot out?
Boys that are a Girl 2009-07-01
Boys you wake up an go into the bathroom an you notice that you are now a Girl down there what do...
Bad Baby Names 2004! 2004-11-30
Welcome to the BAD BABY NAMES 2004 poll! Each of the following are from my site, zenbadbabynames....
Can bras become fashionable for men? 2009-11-07
Many men wear bras for various reasons. For some, they really do need support. Others just want...
strip poker embarrassment 2004-02-06
have you ever played strip poker
shoeplay (boys only) 2007-02-28
I was wondering, do boys play with their shoes?
Guys only: Going to a naked party. 2013-11-25
In order to take this survey, you must be a guy that had gone to parties where you were completel...
Taking A Temperature 2008-07-02
To see how it was done, how it's being done, and how you'd want it done.
Babysitters and Kids ages 2002-05-31
This poll is to see how everyone feels on the topic of babysitters and kids, and how old each sho...
Shorts in Cold Weather? 2006-03-08
People wearing shorts in cold temperatures is now seen commonly. What is your opinion?
Male Dancers - boys in ballet? 2003-10-07
Many ballet schools have few or no male students even though big male solos and pas de deux dance...
Boys that go Barefoot 2008-11-15
Do boys go barefoot more often than before?
Easy American History 2005-12-29
After seeing how incredibly bad some people on a recent TV show did on a very EASY American histo...
wet clothes 2009-04-27
i love to get wet in all kinds of ways. i am wondering who else out their likes to get wet.
Guys in the lockerroom. 2009-05-14 (closed)
GUYS: tell me your experiences and opinions about ahowering in the lockerrooms anywhere, at scho...
Pee location poll 2014-08-25
Poll to see where people pee, other than the toilet.
Fold or Crumple 2002-04-09
Statistics on the timeless question...
giantess power (females only) 2007-10-31
It's often been contemplated that the world would be a better with women in charge so come on, wh...