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Beat by a Girl 2010-02-04
For males or females: have you ever been (or seen someone else) beaten up, overpowered, pushed ar...
Fetishes (girls only) 2014-03-03
I'm interested in finding out what fetishes other girls have...
Temperature Taking In Illness 2003-02-09
These days, there's a wide variety of methods to take the temperature of someone who's ill. I'd ...
Butt blistering 2013-08-07
My boyfriend caught me self spanking and insisted that he would spank me from now on. He found ou...
for people with a weak bladder 2014-03-03
hi, i am 15 year old girl and a bedwetter. Sometimes i have dytime accidents too. Now i wanna kn...
In the woods 2015-07-22
Pee and poop situations in the woods/hiking.
Pee Holding Challenge 2016-08-06
Can you hold your pee the entire lenght of the poll?
Who's better? Boys or Girls? 2009-07-10
Just to see what results will show.
Height and puberty poll 2004-01-30
I am wondering about what people's perception of the perfect height is. I am 19 and just under 6'...
Footsie- Boys only 2003-12-17
Questions about footsie for boys only!
Bad Baby Names 2004! 2004-11-30
Welcome to the BAD BABY NAMES 2004 poll! Each of the following are from my site, zenbadbabynames....
Would you like to be young again 2008-07-08
Would you like to be young again
Have you ever been locked up as a punishment? 2001-06-29
As a change from polls about being spanked, this poll is for those who have been locked up at hom...
Wedgie War 2012-03-19
Me and my friend are going to have a wedgie war. These questions are just some ideas as to what w...
in the garden 2015-03-30
pee situations in the garden. for this poll, you have a large, secluded garden
Guys wearing exercise sandals 2004-03-23
To find out about guys opinions on men wearing wooden exercise sandals such as Dr.Scholl and berk...
Have you ever pooped your pants as a teen? 2015-09-14
Have you ever pooped your pants as a teen?
Girls outmuscling guys 2008-06-17
There has been a lot of discussion lately about women equaling and sometimes overcoming men in sp...
What Would You Dress Me Up As If You Dressed Me As A Girl 2009-05-15
I'm 21 And I Would Like To Know
Being Barefoot at a Friend's Home. 2008-11-26
When I visit a friend, his family has a rule that you must take off your shoes; therefore, I have...
Jail/Prison Uniform for Females 2002-09-11
What should females be allowed to wear in jail or prison?
Male Dancers - boys in ballet? 2003-10-07
Many ballet schools have few or no male students even though big male solos and pas de deux dance...
shoeplay (boys only) 2007-02-28
I was wondering, do boys play with their shoes?
Easy American History 2005-12-29
After seeing how incredibly bad some people on a recent TV show did on a very EASY American histo...
Guys in the lockerroom. 2009-05-14 (closed)
GUYS: tell me your experiences and opinions about ahowering in the lockerrooms anywhere, at scho...