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Wedgie War 2012-03-19
Me and my friend are going to have a wedgie war. These questions are just some ideas as to what w...
Diaper punishment for period accident (for girls) 2014-12-16
I had 2 accidents where I forgot my pads for my period and had my period leak through my clothes ...
Muscles & Body Hair (Men) 2007-12-30
Let us know about your body and how you feel about it.
What's a dumbass?(Warning: this poll may offend some people) 2005-09-23
Dumbass-A person with a dangerously low IQ who is a threat to themself and those around them. Fa...
Who's better? Boys or Girls? 2009-07-10
Just to see what results will show.
Teen Girls driving barefoot 2003-07-10
Jockstraps 2009-06-25
Sooner or later, almost every man or boy will wear a jockstrap, whether it's for Phys. Ed. class,...
Temperature Taking In Illness 2003-02-09
These days, there's a wide variety of methods to take the temperature of someone who's ill. I'd ...
The year 2100 2006-12-02
This is a poll about current and upcoming problems Earth faces and what it may be like in the yea...
Guys and necklaces 2003-06-10
Almost every guy wears a necklace now. Lets find out what are the most popular kinds. (GUYS ONLY).
uncircumcised guys (women only) 2014-12-16
How far would you go with an uncut guy
For females - beer pong distractions 2016-06-08 (closed)
Beer pong is a popular party game played in pairs - often 2 females against 2 males. The rules al...
Have you ever been hit in the stomach? 2004-04-19
This poll is to find out who has been hit in the stomach, by what, and how badly it hurt.
being handcuffed for minor traffic violation 2004-09-28
Recently, I had a minor traffic accident. The state police were called to the scene. This acciden...
Men Men And More ( Men Only ) 2007-12-10 (closed)
Men Men And More ( Men Only )
How long have you been babysat? 2014-02-25
Hi, i am 15 years old and still get a babysitter when my mom is going out or has to go on a trip ...
Have you ever been locked up as a punishment? 2001-06-29
As a change from polls about being spanked, this poll is for those who have been locked up at hom...
Being Barefoot at a Friend's Home. 2008-11-26
When I visit a friend, his family has a rule that you must take off your shoes; therefore, I have...
Quiznos vs. Subway 2004-02-11
what is your favorite place
Blindfolded at the Dentist 2007-02-05
There have been more and more dentists offering blindfolds or sleepmasks to their patients recent...
How long should I wear my chastity belt? 2012-02-27
So I know there are those out there who have an interest in chastity. I am a 20 year old guy who ...
Jail/Prison Uniform for Females 2002-09-11
What should females be allowed to wear in jail or prison?
Harnessed Children 2001-10-19
This poll explores the use of children harnesses. Either parents of harness children or child...
boys being shirtless? 2011-02-20
I am a 14 year old boy in the U.S. Where I live being shirtless is very uncommon, and because of ...
Height and puberty poll 2004-01-30
I am wondering about what people's perception of the perfect height is. I am 19 and just under 6'...